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    Gradius V is brilliant - easily the best shooter on the ps2

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    Cave stuff aside Psyvariar is probably the best vertical shmup on the PS2. The grazing mechanic is a brilliant addition to the genre.

    And I'll also recommend Gradius V for a hori. Simply the best shmup on the system.

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    Another vote for Gradius V. Treasure dev’ed it so nuff said.

    Everyone hyping Psyvariar...You all mean Psyvariar 2 Ultimate Final, right?

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    I would suggest trying Psyvariar Complete edition first. It has the medium unit and revised versions.

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    Gradius v can be patched for 480p / GSM selector and also works with the blaze vga adapter @ 480p (one of the very, very few games that actually does)

    Fagin has a good vid of it here although the video quality doesn’t do it justice, as it looks stunning when playing on a crt monitor in person

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    Not really adding much but Grad V, DaiOuJou & Espgaluda would be my choices.

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    PS2 got a lot of shmups, a lot of the late Dreamcast releases aswell like Trigger Heart Excelica, Psyvariar 2, Shikigami no Shiro 1 & 2, Chaos Field..

    Theres also the Psykyo Shooting collections plus Gigawing and Gunbird collections, plus a good collection with Gradius 3 & 4

    But as everyone else has said, Gradius V, DDPDOJ and Espgaluda are probably the best of the lot..

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    Espgaluda is my personal fave. DOJ is great, but hard as ****, and I've always had a soft spot for Mushi as well. I've got Ibara, but I just never jived with it for some reason, despite liking Garegga et al.

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