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    Bayonetta [PS3/360]

    Upon loading the game, you're greeted with and update for firmware 3.01
    The game boots up whichever language your PS3 is set to it seems, as everything is defaulted in English.

    Now, onto the game ladies and gentlemen...

    As for comparisons sake,i don't have the Xbox 360 version available to compare, since that's region locked. So i wouldn't be able to give you guys the direct comparision between both formats on terms of framerates/ graphical fidelity etc.
    From the general consensus of those that've played both, is that there are framerate dips on both formats, though the PS3 suffers a little bit more. Also the textures/ colours just look a little better on the Xbox 360

    I digress...

    During the first few scenes, it pop-references Viewtiful Joe/ Devil May Cry, and even has a familiar OutRun theme tune. Also Rodin (your shop vendor) off hand, name-checks a wily old merchant from Resident Evil 4. Quite a few tongue in cheek Capcom self referencing at hand ;]
    As with all Capcom-esque action games, the cutscenes are full of camp lines married with a ballet of nicely choreographed action. They always out-trump themselves everytime, dating back from the original Devil May Cry/ Viewtiful Joe's/ God Hand et al. They use a mix of standard cutscenes, and these filmic type ones (where you see the film reel borders top & bottom of the screen) where it uses static character models, using very little motion. Very nice.

    There are so many neat little graphical and animation touches, which give Bayonetta a good deal of personality and charm.
    Also the moveset is vast, and it helps, that between stages (while on the loading screen) you can practice Bayo's moveset, as some are quite tricky to get the timing down. Especially as most battles, there is quite a lot of pyrotechnics/ graphical flourishes happening to keep a track of where Bayo is at with her animations. Plus it doesn't help that she always keeps distracting me, as she bares (well near) all when you've hit a good combo ;]

    But yeah, she's quite impressively animated.

    The game employs a similar menu system to Devil May Cry 4/ Resident Evil 5 (between stages) where you can upgrade your arsenal/ moveset, plus the fact you can select which stages you want to tackle, once beaten of course. And due to the price of a few things in the 'Gates of Hell' store, i'm going to have to farm a few of the early stages to get some extra movesets and vitality enhancers.
    Speaking of which, the items within the store follow the tried and tested, where you find extra weapons, moves, items which you've seen in similar Capcom action games.

    As for the first few hours, it's a veritable mash of camp lines mixed with premium action, that the teams previous work on Capcom titles delivers to the fullest. Hopefully it continues!

    Non stop climax action?
    oh yes...
    Last edited by jimtendo; 30-10-2009 at 11:53 AM.

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    Sounds promising but its not a capcom game though is it? I know they used to work there but its under the independent developer Platinum now isn't it?

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    And Sega have done the PS3 version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodledude View Post
    Sounds promising but its not a capcom game though is it? I know they used to work there but its under the independent developer Platinum now isn't it?
    Aye, Freudian slip there, that's what i meant.

    Just that it oozes some of the teams past involvement which the previous Capcom franchises.

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    I'm eagerly anticipating my copy, should arrive early next week. I bloody love the demo, crappy Ps3 version or not.

    It all sounds good, this game is probably going to deliver. I already love DMC and I expect this to at least rival it.
    Last edited by saturn-gamer; 30-10-2009 at 10:36 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim g View Post
    360 is the one to go for , see comparison here
    Wow, the PS3 version really does look like arse next to the 360.

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    Got my 360 copy and XCM Cross fire adaptor. 360 version does seem quite far ahead of the PS3 one which is super annoying and its ended up costing me double for the game (game doesnt seem right on a 360 pad).

    Positives are its great fun and has a fantastic combat engine. I can see this one being really rewarding the more you get into it, level design so far (3 missions or so in) has been quite good, but im not sure its as good as DMC1's (I still think this one had the best level design of the 4).

    Negatives, well I really hate the design of the characters, infact in terms of presentation its a bit lacking. The cutscenes are too long and over stylised and im constantly just itching to skip the scenes to get back into the combat.

    On the whole, so far so good.

    PS: If anyone needs a heads up the 360 JPN version is 100% english.

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    It's a shame the PS3 version doesn't have the option for an install, as it's quite irksome that there's quite a lot of loading, which might've been streamlined due to an install. Also annoying is the loading when either pausing, or going into your inventory.
    It especially looks ropey when you quit a cutscene (one particular one springs to mind) where once i've skipped the scene, you can see the game place the assets in place (bayonetta model/ stage background details) and it pauses for quite a few seconds, before the rest of the assets get put in place (boss model for instance) before the game starts.

    Also, during chapter IV or V (the coliseum i think) is where i've probably seen the worst framerate hitches/ screen tearing. That's just walking around the environment, and not in combat.
    Even during one particular fight in chapter VII i thought i activated 'witch time' because it was moving like treacle whilst Bayo was gunning/ slashing her way through angels.

    Niggling issues about the load times and framerates aside, i'm really enjoying the stylishness of it all, wise.
    I agree about the level design so far. It doesn't have the gothic charm of the original Devil May Cry castle and grounds. It does seem like some generic DMC4 inspired cityscapes and wastelands.

    Seems to me (apart from Japan) this has gone under the radar for a lot of people. Unless it's just the plain fact that the juggernaut that is Modern Warfare 2 will consume all and Q1 2010 release doesn't help. Not even mentioning the quality of games that have been released already.

    Who can not resist a breakdancing witch, with pistols strapped to her heels kicking ass!

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    What's the difficulty like?
    What difficulties can you choose from at the start?

    I've played the demo a few times now and find normall quite straightforward.


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