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    WTD Fire Emblem 3DS games

    As title please!

    Advance wars games now sourced.

    Metroid 2 now sourced.

    Any considered.
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    I've got Fire Emblem Echoes...might be still sealed. I've also got the Fire emblem fates special edition- the one with both games + the DLC third campaign all on the same cart, that's a bit pricey though.

    I've also got a tonne of other 3DS games to go- stuff like the Zeldas, Project X Zone 1 & 2, FF Theatrhythm 1 & 2... that kind of stuff. Let me know if any of it interests you.

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    I have Fire Emblem Awakening, if youíre interested. Itís in excellent condition. £30, including first class delivery? [pending]

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