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    We Happy Few (Xbox One)

    This was on Game Preview and now has a full release which is also available on Game Pass.

    I played and enjoyed it when in the preview stage and decided to have a quick few minutes play tonight as itís now on Game Pass. Somehow I spent two to three hours on it without realising.

    Imagine Orwell crossed with Huxley and you have an idea of the dystopian premise.

    Itís a first-person open-world (ish) game with survival elements. There are quests and crafting and puzzles and NPCs and stuff youíve seen plenty of times before. But it works. Well.

    It has a cartoony style and serviceable combat. I donít want to say too much about it as working out the rules of the world is a big part of the fun.

    Perhaps youíll enjoy it too.

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    I like the look of this, thanks!

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    Same story here, wakka. I wish they toned down the survival aspect though. Kills the story flow a bit. You can turn off penalties for thirst and hunger and stuff, but still. Should have made it more like Bioshock, which I think it was initially planned to be.

    I'm about to exit the train station but I have to go back through the entire thing to a shack to buy stuff for lockpicks. Pretty stupid.

    Other than that and aside from a few bugs, I'm loving it. Very well written story, script and characters. Love reading all the documents you come by, excellent stuff (carrot cake bit made me sad). Also love the dark humor and also the more serious stuff.

    I read the patch notes for the 11/01 patch and God damn, this game must have been pretty broken. Some scenes even made One X systems overheat and crash. Hopefully people give it another shot now that it's on Game Pass as it was pretty much universally panned for everything other than story, setting and characters at launch.

    Not planning on continuing this save as I'm in the middle of three other games, but I'm definitely gonna go back it and play it through later.
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