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Thread: Resident Evil 2

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    Damn it, hate the feeling I have inside because it feels like it's doing a better job than Robocop but I really can't see myself going back to it for Tofu and Hunk like I did in the original.

    You know, it actually *does* make me feel a little sad. I wanna love it so bad but it feels like it's got a cold, empty heart. No spunk, no jizz!!!

    Am I alone??? Please tell me I'm not. I am deffo minoritized with my viewpoint.

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    Does the auto aim 'assist' mode add fun? I have been offered it at points but have declined.

    I am thinking - as I paid 40 squid for this - that I might wait like 6-12 months then play thru the alternate A/B scenarios on 'assist' mode. Just blast through and see if it's more fun.

    Now there's an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    Oh wow, now there's a flash from the past. Wasn't he on Channel 4?
    Yes. On a show called Network 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Yes. On a show called Network 7.
    Ah, yes. That's right. I remember.

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    Yeah, I did see it on there as well. Network 7 was vastly pretentious and amateurish but ACE, sorta like The Word if not as base and edgy.

    As for Resi 2, gave all four extra modes a blast and didn't care. Looked at all the models I unlocked and can't believe the detail they put into the licker, it's even got an anus.

    It's such a beautifully modelled thing it was spooky and almost made me wanna cry. It's unbelievable.

    But it's been one day since I did both scenarios and I never wanna play it again.

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    Done with Leon's route! B rank, used assist mode for the final boss as I entered it on medium health. Can't believe I finished the game with the scepter and the jewel box still in my hip pouch

    Overall 10/10 game and the only horror game I've played since the original RE2 (unless you count RE4 as horror).

    Think RE7 is too creepy for me but RE2 remake is definitely pushing me towards it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico87 View Post

    Think RE7 is too creepy for me but RE2 remake is definitely pushing me towards it
    Its a must buy, one of the best in the series. I love how like this game, it feels like the classic game, only with stunning visuals and sound. Its really feel like the old original game, just in a fantastic setting and in 1st person

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    I've been doing my Claire 2nd run this week and it's brilliant. Similar enough to apply what you learned in Leon's run, different enough to mix it up and flesh out the story. I'm a big Division fan but this might end up being my game of the year.

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    Another few sessions with Claire 2nd. I've taken a load more heat of Mr X this time round, who was easy to manage in my Leon run ... so having to tippy-toe round the police station a lot more. Loving it so much though, especially the all new bits that mesh with Leon's part. I had to laugh at making the same schoolboy error in the sewer as I did the first time round, leaving the

    king chess piece in the panel then having to go back for it after dodging the last couple of big sewer beasties

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    Finished my Claire 2nd run last night. Excellent companion piece to Leon’s main game. I felt I had loads more ammo and supplies this time too ... I killed nearly every licker, plantbie and ‘sewer thing’ and still had a ton left for the end game boss battles. Still only got a C rank though.

    Time to give it a rest before doing it all again the other way round.


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