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Thread: Resident Evil 2

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    Capcom are something else . This is incredible and also special mention must go to Dolby Atmos support, it adds so much to this gane, with sounds surrounding the room.

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    I think I'm going to ignore Wesker and open the door to this on the PS Store!

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    So far i stumbled through the first playthrough of leon even on assist mode it provided a challenge. Now i know the rough puzzle layout i can hopefully improve enough to start unlocking stuff. Need to do all other scenarios now but it's been a blast, so high quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Oh, I'm not sure what to think of this. So, if you shoot your gun later on, he tracks you down?
    Iím loving this so far but this can be annoying when you canít shake him and your in a room where you need to do a puzzle.

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    Go in gun’s blazing is my style of play. The standard zombies are tough as ****. They have crazy reach, so running around them isn’t really an option like it was in 1998. There are enough herbs, sprays and ammo to see you through just fine IMO. As long as you keep your wits about you, and trick the Tyrant, you can’t really die.

    Aggresive play FTW.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    I did giggle as i started the 2nd playthrough as Claire, looks like the cleaning lady popped in & moved the storage box & typewriters around (bitch). Was needing to save at the police station entrance hall only to find they had gone but the extra bag space is something i guess.

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    I went "What?!"

    Upon meeting Claire at the petrol station, I had no ammo, but Leon still managed to squeeze one out of thin air to save Claire

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    I went "What?!"

    Upon meeting Claire at the petrol station, I had no ammo, but Leon still managed to squeeze one out of thin air to save Claire

    LOL you cant trust anyone.

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    I'm progressing well with Claire in the 2nd run atm. I'm looking forward to how the closing hours differ to Leon's campaign.

    EDIT: Finished Claire's run and it was pretty great (they made her a bad-ass which was great to see). I feel like I want to start playing through the game again already which is a strong sign of the game having that replay factor (except this time I should have an awareness of what's to come unless the item/enemy placement differs when going through the Claire A/Leon B combination. Feel free to call me an idiot but I'd like to see some DLC down the line beyond the Ghost Survivors content that's coming. The game has won me over that much.

    It seems like Capcom has put loads to unlock on the disc with the aesthetics being the DLC. That's fine by me as the core gaming experience is what's important.
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    Didn't realise how much I'd missed Resident Evil ... this game is so good.


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