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Thread: Tenet

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    Id forgotten about Memento. That was very good (though less so on second viewing for obvious reasons). I had the DVD, which restored the sequences to chronological order, but I never watched that version. It seemed pointless.

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    I've still not seen Following, Memento or Insomnia. Of his others though:

    -Batman Begins: Good stuff
    -The Prestige: Good stuff
    -The Dark Knight: Good but worse than Begins
    -Inception: Okay
    -Dark Knight Rises: Weak
    -Interstellar: Meh
    -Dunkirk: Meh

    Time is such a well worn trope that I think in trying to appear mysterious it's just left these trailers with a very tired looking gimmick to rely on. Whilst there may well be much more to it this seems like the absolute worst major film to try and kick start cinemas in a pandemic with.

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    Its interesting to read that you thought The Dark Knight was worse than Batman Begins. I'd have to watch his other films again to remind myself if they stand up to repeat viewing (Interstellar's a long one so that might be a challenge).

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    I'd rate Dark Knight highly enough as a film in of itself but I find Begins to be a better overall Batman film and the one I'd watch of the two. Take Ledger out of TDK and that film would get winded a lot.


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