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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG EDD View Post
    DF stated that the first hour of the game is story driven heavy but once you get to the castle the game opens up.
    I got a chunk into the castle and after spending a fair chunk of it in non-interactive cutscenes, I approached a door and said to myself "If opening this door triggers a cutscene, the game is going off". Fast forward to now and it is in a postbox after a brief 5 minutes on ebay.

    What's bizarre is that I encountered the merchant twice and between those two times, there had been no enemies or gameplay beside walking between cutscene triggers. So what's the point of buying anything from him if there's nothing to use it on?

    Here's one thing I did like:

    Because this is a Story Driven Realistic Looking First Person Shooter, it is required that the player has awful things happen to them in first person. In this game the frequency of brutal injuries sustained by the player in non-interactive sequences is hilarious. Most of the time he yells about it in a cutscene and then acts like nothing happened immediately after. However, in one of the cutscenes that happened just before I turned the game off in anger, yet another Edgy Brutal Thing happens to the player and in the cutscene the player uses one of the in game healing items on the wound to explain why the very debilitating injury no longer causes them any trouble. Most games don't bother with that and I thought it was a neat touch.

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    We are getting into first play territory now but I like it.

    First two problems though, the setting isn't as good as RE7 and it isn't in VR. It just needs to be, RE7 was a great game elevated to an astounding one, this one is going to struggle to live up to it for me, it feels more like a game and less like an experience already.

    I will see it through but it will have to pick up in every way possible to beat the quality of its immediate predecessor, boat section included.

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    I'm really enjoying it. Yes Resi 7 was sublime in VR but this has got me entertained

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    Some controversy regarding monster design plagiarism from a film called Frankensteinís Army. Itís hard to defend Capcom when you see the source.

    Spoilered as itís possibly the coolest monster in the game:

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    Even the wall in the first comparison looks the same!

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    It's pretty blatant but to be honest the second that portion of the game came up and that enemy the game reeked of ripping off Bioshock. It's a nice design and Capcom can't dodge being in the wrong but Big Daddy remains the Daddy

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    Yeah Frankenstein army ripped off bioshock (just change the drill for a propeller) and resi ripped that off and bioshock ripped off pyramid head maybe. Whatever! Lol

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    Experienced performance issues on PC - Denuvo strikes again as the cracked version see's performance lift


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