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    Yeah, I reckon SF might be right. While some things in Sunshine would translate beautifully (the look), some fundamentals such as how the camera works with the level design would be big problems and I can't help feeling that's something that wouldn't be easily fixed. I don't know how easy or hard those things are to fix but I would have thought they're at the core of the game. It could be more a recreation than a layer of paint and that might not be worth the trouble whereas I imagine a Galaxy port would be a much easier job.

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    Yeah, agreed that Sunshine would need a pretty major overhaul. It would be awesome to see it though.

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    I always like the idea of playing Sunshine more than actually playing it. I keep going back but it never seems to take.

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    Yeah, I went back to it a few years ago and it drove me mad but almost always due to the dodgy camera. I adore the look and the music though. We had a DS Mario Kart track based on Sunshine but I would love to have seen one in Mario Kart 8 that totally embraces the Sunshine feel.

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    Clue for R|S 076: Going Underground in an American Wasteland to find the Proving Grounds

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    Tony Hawk.

    I miss that series. When it was good, obviously.

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