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    Loading 2nd Level on Spectrum R-Type using Spectaculator

    Hi I played through the first level of Spectrum R-Type using the Spectaculator Emulator (I own the full version). After I finish Level 1. It says "Loading Level 2, Start tape" and then nothing happens. How do I load the 2nd level using this emulator? I only have one file for R-Type. Should I have more?

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    Theres tape control options in spectaculator if it's not auto loading try looking for the controls and manually press stop or play when needed theres a lot of options in spectaculator im sure theres one in there to autoload files. Not really had that kind of problem when playing multi load games they tend to just start & stop when needed, it might be also down to the file format your game z80/tzx/sna. ect.

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    It'll need to be a .TAP or .TZX file as these are tape images. The .Z80 and .SNA files are just memory dumps so won't do anything at the end of the level.

    What image type are you using?


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