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    It was never a series I was that into yet at the same time I played most of the main entries. The first game was alright as was the second but I think it was the XB version of 2 and the third games that I enjoyed the most. I don't have any real distinct memories of the fourth or Underground 2, Wasteland was the last one I distinctly remember though I did dabble with Project 8. After that I was done, it felt stale though I'll echo about Skate - never saw the popularity with that one, felt like and utter chore in comparison

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    4 changed a great deal (or was it 3?) when they added the "revert" move. By doing that, you could connect vert tricks to street tricks, which blew open the potential for combos. On the one hand it was a good thing, but on the other, it made the gulf between good and very good enormous.

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    THPS2 on the Dreamcast was the first of the series that I played and I loved it. I completed career mode with every character, unlocked the additional characters and stages, I even got a large amount of the gaps. I then picked up the first game, also on the DC, which I enjoyed a lot as well.

    Because I loved THPS2 so much, THPS3 was the title that made be cave-in and buy a PS2. I didn't get quite as hooked, but I still enjoyed it a lot and the reverts were a massive addition.

    I'm not sure what happened between 3 and 4 that made me lose interest almost entirely! I do remember playing the fourth game a bit, but I think I only bought it when it got cheap, and I'm not sure I ever finished it.

    I think THPS4 was pretty much the end for me.

    I do recall quite enjoying the Project 8 demo on the 360, but not enough to go out and buy it.

    I also played through THPS2 on my phone, which surprisingly didn't work too badly!
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    Clue for 077 - Who Framed Dr Asou?

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    I played Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 loooooads on the PC. "Lights out! Guerrilla radio! Turn that *bleep* up!"
    I think I enjoyed it more when I unlocked perfect balance and never fell off stuff.
    I found it quite therapeutic, just riding around and exploring, trying to get to areas really tricky to reach.

    I think that one game sated all my skateboard gaming desires and never felt a need to return to the series.

    I bought Skate, but hardly played it.

    I also found the THPS games useful to bluff young kids that you know how to skateboard:
    "I could totally pull a radical 360 Indy nosebone grind handplant on that railing!"

    I think the best thing Tony Hawks ever did though, was The Stutter Rap:
    His responses on here are hilarious.


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