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    Modded Wii/Jap Dreamcast Games/Saturn Games/Junk Dreamcast Lot

    Hi and welcome to my sales thread.

    Up for sale is:

    A modded Wii lot, soft mod Wii with retro channels etc, cables, controllers etc, see pics, Gamecube controller flap is loose and some scratching to the case. also includes a very dust box-40 Posted

    Junk Dreamcast lot, includes a Japanese Dreamcast (with PAL lid), very yellowed, works, joypad (yellow and dirty), assorted cables, VMU and batteries and a GD ROM drive with accessories (assumed damaged but may well work) -45 Posted

    More pics:

    Japanese Dreamcast games, D2 (sealed, some tears to the wrap) Sega GT (New & Sealed), Virtua Striker 2 (New), Space Channel 5 (New) Sonic Adventure (Used with Spine) and Biohazard Code Veronica (Used). All are in great condition-75 Posted

    A few more pics:

    A lot of 10 Japanese Saga Saturn games, all are complete with manuals, some cases have some scratches and one is broken. Manuals have some wear and a little discolouration in places. In general discs are good, a few scratches but nothing major. If you want detail on a certain title let me know. No spines sadly. All have a funky foam disc to protect the game Was 120 Now 100 Posted

    More pics:

    The Deluxe Collectors Edition of Bravely Second End Layer for the 3DS, new and sealed, has a price sticker and one on the side, a few scuffs and minor marks to the outer box and ripples to the back paper-Was 50 Was 45 Now 40 Posted.

    More pics:

    Payment is to be made via PAYPAL friends and family or bank transfer.

    PM me for more details or pictures if required.

    Sold items:
    ​An Xbox One x Console and games sold to
    Japanese Dreamcast lot -100 sold to briareos_kerensky
    8 Japanese Dreamcast games 60 sold to chopemon
    Retro junk Lot-65 sold to Mikejenkins_UK
    12 Japanese Super Famicom carts-20 posted sold to MonkeyJuggleDXs-
    Sega Saturn junk lot-25 posted sold to mikejenkins_ukPSOne Modded with 14 Japanese games-290 Sold to Goemon
    Darius Gaiden for the Sega Saturn- 32 posted in the UK-Sold to supersheep
    Dariusburst CS-As new in box-40 sold to hudson
    PAL Asian Sega Mega Drive II-25 posted in the UK-Sold to TA
    Original PAL Sony PlayStation 2-35 posted-Sold to Marmotta
    Sega Junk/Spares/Repair-50 Sold to Team Andromeda
    Links Awakening Now 35 (was 38)-Sold to Gordon
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    Dreamcast Games removed and Xbox 360 Shooters added
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    Prices reduced:

    Caladrius-Complete and Mint- Was 28 Now 25 Posted
    Ketsui Extra- Complete and Mint-Was 30 Now 28 Posted

    50 for both

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    Added the following Switch and Vita games:

    NSW-Fire Emblem Warriors (New & Sealed)-22
    NSW-Civilization VI (New & Sealed)-35
    NSW-Sushi Striker (New & Sealed)-12
    NSW-Dead Cells (Mint)-20

    PS Vita-Y's VIII Lacrimosa of Dana-40

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    Added: Sega Mega Drive Mini Japanese Sega DX Pack-New & Sealed

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    what's the best price

    intrigued more than anything else


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