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Thread: Crackdown 3

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    Crackdown 3

    This is the oddest experience in a way but one thing you have to kind of get out your head is how cheaply it can be accessed thanks to Game Pass, the £2 price tag is the third best offer I've had for a launch day game beaten only by Uncharted: Golden Abyss for 79p on the PSN Store back when and Knack 2 for £0.00

    Playing Crackdown 3 unfolds in three stages I'd say:

    Stage One - Start the game up and immediately feel put off by how massively dated it both looks and feels.

    Stage Two - Get about half an hour in and feel it start to click together, becoming increasingly addictive

    Stage Three - Start to get bored by the highly repetitive design

    Nostalgia is a key factor I guess, it probably does play the best of the series but those remaster comments are too close to home. It strains the mind to think of just how much money, time and development iteration this must have gone through for it to end up in Sumo Digital's hands and them drag it across the finish line in such an unambitious form. Some of the old magic is there, I definitely enjoy it more than the second game but in my minds eye orb collecting etc isn't as carefully placed to tease you along as it was in the original. The game is surprisingly short as well, I must have played around 4-5 hours so far and I'm closing in on the end of the campaign with no zest for sticking around to finish collecting everything. It's all massively repetitive and focused on just crossing off icons on your map like a checklist. Those 5/10 reviews feel spot on because you can have good fun but it's impossibly to look at Crackdown 3 by any metric and consider a higher score when you look at how it stacks against the previous games and other games in general.

    I'm playing on PC with everything maxed out and after a minute or two with some stuttering the game seems to buffer its data and its solid 4K60 there onwards, it's very clean and quite a change of pace coming off RDR2. If you had any fondness for the series beforehand then this should scratch an itch or at the least hopefully does because I will be utterly and completely astounded if this isn't the very last Crackdown game Microsoft ever commissions.

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    Whatta ya know? It really is that short, last night I scaled the tallest tower and easily took down the final boss. There's another boss in a tower beside the final one and it helps to tackle them first as the destruction makes scaling the final tower easier but overall that last section brings back some CD1 memories even if the final encounter isn't very special.

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    I loved Crackdown 1 and replayed it when it became backwards compatible. With Crackdown 2 there was fun to be had in co-op but was it otherwise forgettable. And now, Crackdown 3.

    And, um, I’m really enjoying it. Played over 18 hours, a lot of which has been in co-op. Yeah, it’s nothing ground-breaking or progressive but I love that it doesn’t ask much of me. It’s munching on popcorn rather than fine dining with a fillet mignon. But sometimes that’s what hits the spot.

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    Had half an hour one this. Looks and feels last gen a bit. Like the Xbox is upscaling a 360 game. Frame rate feels bad too, coming off the back of titan fall and halo 5 mind. NOTHING like what I saw at the Xbox one launch, unless my memory is playing tricks. Makes the kill zone 2 launch trailer look like the most honest a thing ever lol.

    Iíll play some more because itís still crackdown and that still counts for something.

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    So somehow I’m up to 27 hours played. All abilities maxed. One playthrough on solo completed. Part way through two other playthroughs. One purely co-op and one on hardest difficulty setting. And still loving it. Still need to find quite a few of those pesky orbs though.

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    Have beaten the campaign on Co-op, 100% all the objectives and that, 750/750 Orbs too, can't see me being bothered to find all the blue orbs though still have about 50 to go.

    Very fun, very much Crackdown again which I've always enjoyed. Shame it didn't give us more after such a long time in development but it's still a blast to play (esp. in co-op!) and that's good enough for me.

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    Have to say: great game.

    Big pat on the back to Sumo Digital.

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    Yeah I really enjoyed it as well, itís crackdown innit.

    I never went into Crackdown 3 expecting my main agent to have a dead wife and child with a single player story that was going to win 2000 awards, I went in expecting orbs, shooting stuff in the face, being able to jump roof to roof, play co-op and have fun discovering orbs with a buddy.

    Totally agree sumo done a great job with Crackdown, they have always been a great studio.

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    Oh man, sorry to hear that.
    What happened to his family?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    Have to say: great game.

    Big pat on the back to Sumo Digital.
    Yeah, the game is so much fun. The effects on the explosions look wonderful. It just feels a little rough in parts and then it others its amazing (like the draw distance , oh and the music is fab too.

    I do like the draw distance and BladeRunner look mind


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