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    I put this on expecting to be wowed but coming form Sekiro the lack of challenge left me feeling pretty bored, I'm not sure if it gets better later on but the first couple of areas, felt very stop start with most encounters over before you can really get into them, Nero doesn't feel that flashy at the moment either.

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    It's exactly the same the whole way through, still bewilders me that it got the level of praise it did which I can only attribute to fans being overly happy to see the main series back.

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    Donít see that as true at all. 100+ hours on it.

    Human mode when you start is easy, but itís a learning experience of enemy types, plus buying all the skills drip fed so you learn bit by bit. You can unlock SoS mode straight away if youíre good enough to get the secret ending early on.

    When you finish the first play, you are sufficiently learned to tackle SoS where things are harder and combos, special awareness, and move mastery are more required. Then comes DMD mode where the enemy types are drastically changed, where late game enemyís occurs in the first level, and where all your mastery to that point is out to the test.

    DMC isnít a ďone and doneĒ game- it never has been, and DMC 3/4 especially have always been this way. Itís the absolute monument of the genre at this point, eclipsing Bayonetta 1 and even DMC3.

    Itís okay to say that type of game isnít for you, but to say the only reason other like it is because of the games history is silly. The pure depth of the combat, and sheer amount of options available to you at any time over all three characters is immense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Where are you getting 100+ from @MrKirov?
    Just rough calculations from me, there’s no ingame timer. 4 difficulties so far, plus replays, plus farming upgrades, plus finding the secret areas and completing them, and finding the hidden blue/purple orbs, and bloody palace. I must easily be around that..!

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    So i need to complete it at least once before I'm gonna start enjoying it and be challenged by it, It may be rose tinted glasses but i remember the original DMC had an awesome setting, challenging enemy's and it didn't feel so disjointed.


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