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    Life Is Strange Before The Storm

    This game deserves a post-apocalyptic thread so here it is. The short version is that this is a story-driven game about a teenage girl and her troubles and relationship with another troubled teen girl. A prequel to Life Is Strange which needed no prequel and was incredibly self-contained and lacking the core time mechanic of the original, this game has achieved more than I thought possible by being an engaging, emotional, beautiful experience that is great in its own right and enriches the original game in the process.

    If you like story-based games like the Telltale games or just like stuff, do yourself a favour and play these.

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    Will do, thanks. Really got into the first one on the ps4 after a false start on the ps3. Gotta say i was ****ing gobsmacked during that one scene.

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    Ok tomorrow is the final LiS for a while the bonus episode, farewell.
    The bonus episode is released (UK time) 5pm.

    God I’m hoping it has some crazy twist at the end that leads us into LiS 2, reckon they may show LiS2 at E3, maybe launch Ep1 later in the year.

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    No idea what to expect from it or when I’ll get a chance to play it but I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for the reminder.

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    All I know is they have got the original VO for Chloe, Ashley Burch back on board.
    Max is back as the main playable character, other than that I have kept info at a minimum.

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    Yeah that gif pretty much sums it up. Short episode but very good.

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    It's going to feel like a long time until S2E2 arrives so time to play this, a game I've perhaps been unfairly snobby about due to it having a different developer to the first game.

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    Finished this now - didn't think it was anywhere near as good as Life as Strange. Chloe as a lead character just isn't as interesting or likeable as Max was.

    Still has nice soundtrack though and it's worth a playthrough if you've already visited the original game, if just to see the familiar locations. I think this would have had more impact if it had been released first. It's kind of spoilt because you know what the ultimate fate of the characters are. Some of the voice acting was terrible too.

    So I'd only rate this a 6/10.
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    I revisited Before The Storm, somehow drawn to it more than the main game (not sure why), and fell in love with it all over again. Without delving into spoilers, Before The Storm has a massive narrative challenge as a result of being a prequel and, weirdly, seems to throw more narrative challenges on top of that. It sets out to tell what becomes a very difficult story and one that, in many ways, simply can't pay off. And it doesn't try to wiggle its way out of that - it lets it be what it is.

    So the ending feels understated from a plot point of view but overcomes that by delivering on the characters and, through them, the emotion. I find it a really emotional story. The original Life Is Strange is known for that too but, for me, the main game built to that emotion whereas Before The Storm manages to get to the emotion really quickly and then retain it all the way through its short journey.

    I may have to replay the first game now while we all wait for Life Is Strange 2 to eventually get its episodes out.


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