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Thread: Borderlands 3

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    No micro transactions just transactions that are micro

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    Woops, and corrected. I know his name so not sure why I didn't pick up on that typo.

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    I think its auto correct that got me. Not sure how I haven't been writing about England goal keepers or removal firms.

    I don't mind characters and quite like the honesty sometimes. He can be more transparent than faceless PR.

    That said I do think this PR episode is on him.

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    We want to sell you microtransactions but just don't call them microtransactions ok because their not microtransactions.

    Think ill hard pass on this one for launch, all the marketing b******s and PR verbal diarrhoea makes me want to vomit.

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    I don’t care about all the marketing spiel and other bollocks. I WANT THIS GAME NOW!

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    • Xbox One X/PS4 Pro modes can't hold 60fps in the Performance modes (1080p). Framerate drops to as low as 40fps in the vehicle sections. 50 to 60fps in first person combat.
    • Xbox One X Resolution mode (1800p) holds a very solid FPS.
    • PS4 Pro Resolution mode (also 1800p) can't hold a solid 30fps (c.25-28fps).
    • PS4 has higher settings than Xbox One X; better anisotropic filtering, density of foliage.

    Sounds like Xbox One X version hasn't had any extra work to utilise the more powerful hardware. I'm sure Gearbox will patch these although the 60fps not being 60fps seems to be a constraint of the weak CPU hardware in both machines.

    There's lots of reports of sloppy performance on the base PS4 including placeholder text bugs and issues. And huge amounts reports about the quality of the PC version too. And atm only the PC has the Twitch loot extension until the day 30 patch on consoles.

    Of course Gearbox/2K withheld console versions from reviews and only released the PC version to a select few US-based videogame media outlets. It's hard not to be cynical and think the state of the game on consoles probably played into this decision as much as wanting to control the Metacritic review score before release.

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    Was mentioned early reviewers were told they could not mention about any Direct x 12 stuff

    I was going to get the game on PC but will wait a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastyy View Post
    Was mentioned early reviewers were told they could not mention about any Direct x 12 stuff
    And that it was 'work in progress' even 4 days out from worldwide release.

    It just really reinforces the feeling more than ever that buying games day one isn't sensible. Funnily enough a ResetEra thread popped up earlier on this exact topic.


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