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Thread: HTC Vive

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    HTC Vive

    I've played a bit of HTC Vive and it's frankly incredible. Having the hand controllers displayed in the virtual world as seemingly real objects makes it all a bit bizarrely easy to accept as reality.

    My son has been in there all day. I thought he'd get bored, but, nope.

    I'll post some more stuff once I've peeled it off his head.

    p.s. I'm using a GTX960 which is below spec, although I have the OC version and it has been in OC mode for hours. The lobby area is a bit jerky, but the games are mostly smooth.

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    Nice, so what have you been playing?

    Fantasynth is a nice family and friends friendly music demo thing with nice visuals

    Something that I know will be up you street is "Space pirate trainer"

    VRChat is free and mmmm entertaining, but there are some impressive locations to have a look around. Resi Evil, bits of silent Hill

    If you have DoomBFG edition then there is an amazing mod to make the game fully VR. And its free!

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    Picked up an Oculus last month and I've just started Lone Echo. If you like the interacting with your hands thing, it's bloody brilliant. I'll do a first play thread tonight if I remember.

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    Just now, I've been playing "Richie's Plank Experience". Absolutely terrifying. I got a plank from the garden and told the software where it was. Then got in that lift. OMG. I was trying to hang on to the lift doors. I am NOT good with heights, but I'm pretty sure you could train yourself to get over it with this. I managed to get out half way along the plank and then got totally stuck and couldn't move. If my son hadn't been there telling me to get on with it, I might have still been stuck there now I felt sick, gripping the edge of the plank with my toes and was toppling about, with my arms waving around like an idiot.

    Other games: The Rec room and The Lab and Job Simulator. Only tried the shmup and the archery tower defence thing in the lab so far. That archery thing was mentalist.

    I've got Dirt Rally which supports VR, so I'll have to try that tomorrow. Now I need to sit down. Cheers for the recommendations. I'll check them out!

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    Lol I remember my sister having a go on the plank think and pushed her over, she screamed......... a lot!
    If you don't have your VR legs yet Dirt Rally maybe a bit much at first.
    Project cars is pretty good.

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    REZ is a must , Area X in VR is like a drug, is RE 7 in VR now on the PC , or is they still time left to go on the Sony deal . That game is amazing in VR and just terrifyingly good.

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    Can confirm Pcars2 works very well in VR although a gtx 960 might be pushing it.

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    Vive upgrade incoming. Check CES for news. Looks like higher resolution based HMD and standalone for current users to just upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supergoal View Post
    Vive upgrade incoming. Check CES for news. Looks like higher resolution based HMD and standalone for current users to just upgrade.
    sssshhhh Charlesr only just got his

    I have to agree Rez is great fun but VR makes it toooooooo easy

    I`m not sure when Resi 7 VR is hitting PC, but I`m not planning on playing it if its just going to be game pad control scheme.


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