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    Warframe PS4 review

    Finally picked this up for a play just to see what it was like, For those that don't know what this is, It's a 3rd person sci-fi shooter with a bit of melee combat thrown in, its free on ps4 and pc, the game reminds me of vanquish in style but with nowhere near the creativity in enemy or level design, its freemium in nature with grinding or in app purchases to upgrade your Warframe* being the main driving force behind gameplay (*Space-Ninja suit)

    Been playing it with randoms and so far I've seen a few different mission types, straight up enemy clearing, hacking missions where you have too move through a level hacking computers, assassination boss levels ,and hostage missions where you have to capture enemy. The most fun i had was backing each other up on the hacking levels. Keeping waves of enemy's off you feels quite cool and encourages teamwork.

    But here the problem even after the first few missions the levels start repeating themselves, not that theirs much difference in there design there all quite generic. I played this for a good few hours and i got nothing off use bar a few cleared missions, its not like other games where play is rewarded early on, serious time or money will have to be invested to upgrade even the most basic weapons and suits. Or you could just throw down ?20 to buy a new Warframe.

    If you die to much you have to wait for new lives or buy them so the pay walls are there pretty early on, it took me a few hours to work this out so hopefully my experience will stop others wasting time on this if there not into the whole grind thing. Don't get me wrong its not terrible it could be a good laugh with a group of friends or a good team, the first boss fight was quite a challenge and the war-frame's do have a cool charm about them,b ut its very grindy grindy.
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    I played this and War Thunder for about 20 minutes each over the weekend, both not bad but agree with your opinions re grinding and the whole freemium way it's gone. Shame they didn't just put a proper full game on PSN for eight quid or something and be done with it.
    Worth downloading and giving a whirl though.

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    Have they made the wall run any easier? Because after everyone started to hit that in the missions on PC we got bored and gave up.

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    I recently started playing this and it's pretty addictive. Making slow progress and I like it. I know when I finally put together my own weapon it'll be great.

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    This is my new Monster Hunter. I'm likely to not buy a PS4 game for the foreseeable future.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Started back up again after not playing it since about may last year after listening to Jeff talk about getting back into warframe on the last week bombcast. Was joined by Misterbubbles for few co-op missions(ps4) which where pretty varied in graphical design and gameplay types, no idea if the later game missions and bosses feature raid like mechanics destiny squeezed in. So far i've come across kill all, steal an item, capture a VIP enemy, defence zergs, boss kills, survival, mini tower defence where you need power/protect the scanners to find stuff.

    Feels and play like the same game but it a lot more polish, with a 1/4 more frames to grind for though 90% of the equipment like weapons seems to be pay-walled outside the genric starters, but fair enough you can grind out all 20/30 odd warframes for free still.

    Not got around to the space flight jetpack stuff yet, im having to grind some story missions to get the blueprints, then go on a hunt for the items to make them.

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    Am waiting to try this just downloading a update then off I go into this world

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    Got to try this on PC, do not think i have been as addicted to a game in a long while.

    It just gets nearly everything right there is so much content and the free to play part is done right aswell and it seems like they always through something new into the mix.

    Definitely shares a lot of similarity with destiny but packs in so much content.

    But the big thing they nail is the feels so satisfying so for me anyway grinding for loot does not feel a chore.

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    Yay, Warframe thread! Not sure where and when I posted about this game before the forum wipe, but I started it in early 2016 and apart from a break to play other games, have recently got back into it. A PC player here too.

    The latest person to fall in love with the game is Jim Sterling:
    The best thing about my @PlayWarframe video today is the genuine excitement from the comment section. This game is digital *joy* for fans, it seems. We need more of that.

    I finally completed the War Within quest after 316 hours in the game. Amazing game and still loving it. Although it has it's faults the developer isn't one of them. They have embraced the service model and I think can be held in high regard as an actual example of GaaS done properly.

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    Just one minor thing that I really appreciate in warframe is if set for solo play can pause in game


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