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Thread: Sniper Elite 5

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    Sniper Elite 5

    Rebellion have confirmed that a new entry in the sniper series is confirmed. For me, that's not amazing news as I've found the series to get progressively weaker with each instalment after the second game which is nice as...

    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is also confirmed for 2019 coming to PC, PS4, XBO and NS. But in addition to that Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition will be released this year as well on the Switch containing all DLC content. As a final delivery, Sniper Elite VR is being worked on for VR headsets which is being outsourced and will be revealed later this year.

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    I disagree, I had great fun with the last outing... Definitely interested to see where they take it next...

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    Sniper Elite 4 was superb! As such, this is beezer news. Good on Rebellion. They created a title with a USP in a crowded market, and the quality of their entries has established, maintained and expanded a good fanbase.

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