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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    I think they get stuck repeating dialogue if they have the dragonrot. I couldn't progress an NPC quest until I healed dragonrot and then he stopped his repeating dialogue and got on with it.
    hes not coiffing i needed an item to advance him which i hadn't picked up yet silly me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
    I'm about half way through the game and feel like some serious farming is required if i want to fill out the skill tree before the game's end. I've found Sign posting is big issue at present, there are so many ways to go and so many dead ends that its really easy to miss stuff or not find that a path isn't a dead end, I've also died a few times to bosses that i can encounter but shouldn't be tackling yet.

    It's also easy to **** up parts of the npc quests too, take the crying large monk on the mountain I've brought both his flowers back to him but didn't tell him to move on after giving him the first, he now says the same bit of dialogue over and over.
    I can tell you right now, Iím on NG+3 and I was still grinding skills this morning.
    You get to the point where itís 80,000 xp for 1 level.

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    Had a good 4 hours on this last night and made a tonne of progress - something like 5 or 6 bosses downed, some of which I was expecting (based on what I've read here and elsewhere) to be much more significant roadblocks. That's good! That's also not to say that some of those hadn't been utterly stomping me for hours previously, before getting an upgrade or two.

    What I'm now starting to worry about are the questlines and NPCs. I've read absolutely nothing about any of these things, most characters are now blighted with dragonrot, and I'm not sure when is a good time to look at healing folks (I've just horded the items for this so far), what I need to do to see as much content as possible, etc. If anyone has any reasonably spoiler-free tips to share that would be appreciated.

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    There are 17 healing tears you can get in the game so there should be more than enough to get you through all the NPC quest lines. I'm currently sat on a load and have a clean bill of health for my npcs for quite a bit, despite taking on a few bosses, its like somethings clicked and i'm dying a lot less on bosses so not falling foul of the dragon rot issues.

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    Didn't get to play much over the weekend, but I did have an incredibly representative experience of: finding a new boss, being incredibly surprised at getting the first deathblow... and then the second! First time, woo! But... that seemed too easy... so of course, here comes the cutscene, the actual second phase, and my entire ass getting handed to me.

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    Spent some more time and I'm much more in the flow of things now; while I don't want to curse myself, I definitely feel like this section of the game is far more forgiving than the start.

    Have some relatively minor complaints around things like the music, and the re-use of generals, but I'm also still very much into the combat and the move away from stressing over the finer points of build types and stat distribution.

    Should have quite a lot of time to throw at this over the long weekend, which I'm looking forward to.


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