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    America III: Nice to CDC You, to CDC You, Nice

    I had to do it, I had to pull the trigger on the third thread early as this was too big an opportunity to miss

    Mueller has officially closed his report and submitted it. Live updates are coming in right now and he will definitely indict no further individuals. Attorney General Barr is already facing calls to make it public in full.
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    News just in...

    Nothing will happen.

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    Seems to be a wide number of expectations being just that. Either it's wrapped up now because he found nothing, or he found plenty. All eyes on Trumps reaction that should be very telling either way

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    God damn it. Mueller's report has found no evidence Trump or his aides colluded with Russia.

    However, obstruction of justice is still in question

    The White House is already trying to spin the outcome as proof of Trumps complete innocence. Direct quote from the report: “While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”
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    If the evidence isn't there, there's not a lot you can do - better Mueller is completely above board than using dubious methods. I'm sure Trump will allow the entire report to me made public, given it clears him, right?

    The financial investigations are still on-going, so Trump is far from exonerated yet as he claims.

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    A Senior White House official has confirmed that neither Trump nor his lawyers have actually read Mueller's Report as of yet

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    House Committee Judiciary Nadler has said that Barr won't commit to releasing Mueller's Report publicly. On Era it's being discussed that speculation is Barr plans to release the report to the White House so that Trump and his team can redact any information they want keeping secret and will then release the edited version. The individual investigated getting to edit and review their own investigation findings...

    Meanwhile House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff says it's inevitable that Mueller is going to be made to testify on his findings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post

    A Senior White House official has confirmed that neither Trump nor his lawyers have actually read Mueller's Report as of yet
    Gold. Just gold. Giving himself a nice pat on the back because he thinks hes got away clean when he nor his legal team have even read the report.



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