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    Biden's campaign quickly collapses in on itself as he finds himself suffering hard in New Hampshires polling. Sanders begins to emerge as the likely front runner.
    As four lawyers quit following the Department of Justice's attempt to reduce the sentence of Roger Stone as a response to a tweet about it from Trump which showcases the dangerous extent the Republicans are now allowing him to operate at.
    Also shown by how Trump has not only removed Alexander Vindman from his White House role, the lieutenant colonel who testified against him in the impeachment trial, but has also said he is open to the US Services formally disciplining him too.

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    Small thing, but you gotta laugh at Trump tweeting a clip of Curb Your Enthusiasm, totally missing the point.

    In the very next scene, Larry David starts wearing a MAGA cap because he says it soothes angry racists and he doesn't have to talk to normal people: "It's a great people repellent."

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    China has cut 108 deaths from its Corona Virus figures stating they were double counted, despite this the figure has risen overall to now reach 1,380 deaths with the number of infected having reached 63,851

    But a senior White House official has cast shade over China's transparency over the true extent of the outbreak

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    Trump gets acquitted so does the only thing that could probably p*** on his impeachment trial that little bit more - admits he lied before and was behind it all

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    Anyone was expecting a different outcome to this?

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    It's in Pompey where I am now and concerned. Word on the street is chinese death count is 25,000+ they are incinerating bodies en mass.

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    Trump pardons former Illinois Governor and former Apprentice contestant Rod Blagojevich

    Also pardons former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik

    Trump, very literally, applying do unto others...

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    What a shock, secrecy surrounds a total of seven pardons but ones already been exposed as being because the family paid Trumps campaign for it.

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