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    Nico purchased Puppeteer from me on PS3.

    He was polite and easy to deal with, hope you enjoy the game mate

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    Bought a GBA Everdrive from Nico, and no issues whatsoever.

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    Nico87 and I stuck a deal in which he would send a MD2 and a FDS he wasn't sure they worked and I'd pay only shipping price if they didn't, and arrange a payment if they did...which luckily they did, so I paid him and everyone's happy

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    Sold a PS2 game to Nico. Very nice to deal with and very fast payment. Cheers!

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    Sold Nico87 a PAL PS2 copy of Project Zero 3. We kept in contact throughout and everything went smoothly.

    Great buyer to deal with, enjoy your game!


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