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Thread: R-Type Final 2

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    EDIT - wrong thread, only a funny gif for the other resurrected thread. Doh!

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    Off-screen footage of the TGS prototype version

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    That 3D of the background as the ship enters the base is great!

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    That's in much better shape than I was expecting. Some jumps and jitters, and it's very short, but I'm somewhat reassured.

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    That looks pretty tidy. Colour me surprised.

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    Detailed graphics in a modern shooter? Never seen the likes, suddenly interested.

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    That looks promising. The screens in the last issue of Wireframe looked a bit grimdark generic CG which was putting me off. At least it looks like it plays like an R-Type game.

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    I think it looks great!

    Please don't add a gimmicky risk/reward scoring mechanic, Irem.

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    Total U-turn.



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