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Thread: R-Type Final 2

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    R-Type Final 2

    Announced solely for PS4 so far, the game will recieve a crowd funding push in May

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    [PS4] R-Type Final 2

    Developed by Granzella, the company formed by several ex-Irem employees, which already brought the Disaster Report series back to life.
    There's an official website (in English!) and a short teaser.

    More info will be released in May, along...a crowdfunding campaign. Sigh.

    [note: it's the 1st of April in Japan and Irem were known for very elaborate April's Fools. This, however, doesn't appear to be one]
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    More R-Type is always a good thing...

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    Stupid name though; it’s not really final if there’s a sequel (or 14). Hopefully the game is more creative than the title.
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    More R-Type! Deep joy. The zombie enemies idea actually sounds quite interesting. Let’s see what the May update brings.

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    Stupid name. But I hope it turns out to be a great shooter. I'm quite excited about it.

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    Merged the two threads - thanks to the OPs.

    Am I right in thinking this is a remake of R-Type Final?

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    It does read that way. But at least there will be proper support for 16:9 screens.

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    That's how I read it, too, which makes the "2" an odd choice rather than "remastered" or something.

    EDIT: I've got the original sat on a shelf, unplayed, so I should probably try that first.


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