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    May spends all day talking with her cabinet and comes up with... ask for another delay and reluctantly talk to Corbyn again.

    As Shirley Bassey sagely said... it's all just a little bit of history repeating

    May: I need your party's votes for my deal
    Corbyn: We want single market and customs union
    May: No
    Corbyn: Okay
    May: Bye then
    Corbyn: ... bye

    The two parties plans are completely incompatible. Neither can move forward without putting a second referendum as a central pillar of their plans and the chances they'll relent....?

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    It's a setup to lay the blame with Corbyn and Labour, so May can go, "I tried to compromise, but Corbyn" in the exact same way she does at every single PMQs. She's not interested in compromise, only in getting her WA passed.

    To quote her speech

    Any plan would have to agree the current withdrawal agreement – it has already been negotiated with the 27 other members, and the EU has repeatedly said that it cannot and will not be reopened
    Which is a lie. The EU has has that it cannot and will not be reopened with May's red lines.
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    This was probably linked to but I missed this yesterday. Cameron prevented the EU from getting involved in any way in the referendum. So any idea that the EU failed to make their case, like everything else here, actually comes down to your government (sorry, QC). Yet again. The Daily Mail can spout its nonsense over decades and during the referendum, and we know people bought into it, but when it came down to a crucial referendum on EU membership, the actual body in question were not allowed counter those lies. Madness.

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    Argh, curse yoooou!

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    You could use the term UK government? Reads better for non UKers who might be following the thread too.

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    It makes a lot more sense of how things unfolded if the EU couldn't be involved in the referendum campaign but it's still damning of Osborne and Cameron that they were unable to make a coherent argument in favour of remaining when it should have been easy.

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    What I don't get (along with a billion other motivations of almost everyone involved) is why Cameron would do that. He didn't seem to want Brexit to succeed. Why not give them every chance to make a case? I wonder if he thought having a more visible EU presence would actually make things worse? I don't know.

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    I imagine that was the thinking - as it could well have lead to the Brexit side proclaiming that the EU is "interfering" in the referendum just as "the EU always do".

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    I think his approach was also heavily coloured by the Scottish Referendum where similar tactics had been used and the push for independence successfully quashed. The trouble though was that the factors were different and he failed to recognise that, nobody bought his Project Fear claims (rightly too as they were ultimately proven false) and the Scottish independence claims were effective to grow fear over because they fell apart under scrutiny so easily thanks to the SNP not thinking any of it through with a healthy enough dose of reality attached. Leave was able to make claims but without anything concrete to cement them it made it hard to disprove them too.

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    Whats pissing me off most over Brexit today is how when anyone try's to make any progress you have one group of MP's saying "If you do that I'll quit the party". I cant believe I'm writing this but being the PM at the moment must be like trying to sort out a load of moody teenagers that throw there toys out of the pram because there not getting their way.

    Take the current story's about hardliner brexiters getting there knickers in a twist over the May/Corbin Talks today headline like "were giving all the power to Corbyn" and "May has betrayed her party" are being thrown around. But hold on a second Brexit isn't a Tory issue in the same way as Brexit it isn't only a leave voters issue. Its going to effect everyone!

    Governments for years to come will be dealing with this so having it as a purely Tory focused plan is an absolutely ludicrous situation, its where we have been going wrong from the start. Yes the current government is in charge of delivering this plan but to not even have had talks with the other party's until now is pure arrogance and incompetence.
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