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    Earth Defense Force 2025 (360/PS3) review

    I thought I'd start one of these for the year's best 5/10 release. I had resolved to defer the pleasure to QualityChimp, who started the previous headlines thread, but the damn fool tried to cheapskate up on the 7-year-long awaited release, and has lamentably drawn a blank, along with other soldiers. It's all or nothing, men. You should have paid full price AND offered a bollock to guarantee delivery. Pfft.

    I've played 10 hours so far on the 360 and my completion total is about 2%. This is a grinding monster of a title. Online, I've taken the ranger up to level 40-ish, offline only about level 11. Most levels online I've tackled on easy difficulty, most offline on normal. And I can't see a difference to be honest. The co-op easy mode seems to upscale enemy difficulty to that roughly on a par with single-player normal difficulty. It provides an extra incentive to go through that lame easy mode, so bellhawks around bordersdown can rejoice.

    The graphics seem to run slightly smoother on the 360 compared to the Japanese PS3 version, and load times are quicker. The online code holds up well - I've played online with 2 other players and slowdown/framerate issues have been minimal. Even an invasion of dozens of UFOs on one level, all firing red jizz, didn't cause problems, even though the screen was full. The online limits are fine - it prevents gits from inviting hyper souped-up players into their game to rinse levels. It gives every level a purpose, a challenge, a sense of achievement. A great design decision. If you lose the challenge in EDF, you lose the fun.

    Enemies are introduced slowly and carefully throughout. We're not halfway yet and already there's been at least 4 new types to go with the old classics, each of which requires careful loadout and strategic consideration. I know for a fact that more new enemies come later, and are great.

    The maps are familiar (which is a fair criticism for those it bothers) and the game plays partly like a polished homage to the previous titles, and partly as a fresh title. The way the enemies get destroyed is great - bits fly off ants and spiders, and hectors shatter apart. It's fantastic firing a rocket at a swarm and seeing carcasses and legs spinning off. Hectors can have arms blasted off, or even their entire torso, leaving their legs standing there for a few moments before toppling over. Buildings crumble and shatter into pieces as chunks fall off. The new 3D pickups are brilliant - spottable from miles away, yet they go bouncing arl ower the shop when they fall. It was hilarious watching VP chase one down a hill.

    Gameplay is classic, solid EDF. Yes, it is strategic in its tougher moments , but fundamentally there's nothing more satisfying in a game than pointing, blasting, and seeing carnage in front of you. The gibbing adds to it. You can't put a price on that kind of enjoyment. With mates, it's as superb as ever, there's loads of banter and thrilling moments to be experienced.

    Voice acting is hilariously cheesy as usual, and the controls solid. I haven't even began to explore the nuances of class combos or vehicles. This game isn't going to dissuade haters, but for fans it's the best yet. There's been an awful lot of inaccurate and ill-informed bull**** printed online about this game (the 'I can't work out how to set up a private match' comment perhaps the most jaw-droppingly stupid) but I can pretty much guarantee satisfaction for fans. It's big, brash, chaotic, more than technically competent (where else do you get this level of action throughout an entire game without it being unplayable?) and possesses subtle strategic depth, aided and abetted (from my tinkering on the Japanese PS3 version) by the new classes.

    Never mind this crap from pussies whining about friendly fire (never stopped anyone on Gears), or from arseholes who haven't played it beyond level 13, it'll get your primal game-juices flowing and gib your free time. Choose your weapon, soldier, and get whuppin some bugs.

    EDF! EDF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    The online limits are fine - it prevents gits from inviting hyper souped-up players into their game to rinse levels. It gives every level a purpose, a challenge, a sense of achievement. A great design decision. If you lose the challenge in EDF, you lose the fun.
    I haven't played the game yet but, from what I read on the subject, I don't think they've handled the offline / online split very well. I understand the problem they were trying to address but I don't like some of the implications of the solution they implemented.

    If you play the game strictly offline, everything's fine. Enjoy your classic EDF experience.

    If you play the game strictly online, a few niggles start to surface. In previous games, you could get better weapons on higher difficulty levels which would help you clear missions you were having trouble with on lower difficulty levels. The online mode of EDF 2025 limits what weapons are available to you depending on the mission you're playing and the difficulty you're playing it on. You have a 40-ish level Ranger now and I'm sure he'll be a much higher level very soon. If someone who had gotten the game a little later wanted to play with you, you'd have to a) replay some (or most) of the initial missions or b) start afresh with a different class. Option b) would be much more desirable but, after a while, you'll have inevitably leveled up all four classes to some degree. If you then wanted to play with someone who had just gotten the game, option a) will be inevitable.

    The worst part is if you want to play a bit of both offline and online. Your progress in each mode is kept completely separate, apart from, and correct me if I'm wrong, the weapons you've picked and the armour you've collected. Since playing online has its own rules regarding which weapons are available to you, only your offline progress will somewhat benefit from having played online. The absolute worst aspect of this split is if you want to fully level one or more classes. In that case, you should really choose some of them to play online with and keep the others for playing offline. Given the time and commitment this game requires in order to be fully completed, you really don't want to level the same class twice. Sandlot would have handled this much better if at least your online progress carried over to your offline one.

    There's a way to partially circumvent this, however. You can still play solo by setting the remaining slots of an online game to private, but you'll have a very hard time clearing some missions on your own with the weapon restrictions imposed by the online mode. More worryingly, though, is the fact that the Xbox 360's online infrastructure won't be supported for that much longer. In a few years, if you feel like replaying this and most (or all) of your progress was made online, you're stuck with playing the earlier missions armed with a pea shooter. Again...

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    The online works thus:

    - It doesn't matter what level you're up to offline. Online and offline, you have to work them all through individually.
    - If you're a newbie and you haven't done a level online or offline, you can still play it if you are invited. Zaki Matar joined us in the 20s and 30s levels despite never having played them previously.
    - Armour and weapons can swap between online and offline modes.
    - Indeed, online levels have an armour and weapons limitation.
    - My ranger has 630 health. When we went back to play level 3 with Zaki, my ranger had his health maxed for that level. 200-odd I think. The next level had a higher max, so it got adjusted accordingly. My ranger could have 9999 health and I could still use him on easy level 1, but armour would be topped out at 200-odd.
    - There's max weapon levels. I had to change my level 7 rocket launcher back down to my level 0 one when we went back to stage 3.

    - I've no idea if the armour and weapon level limits are raised for higher difficulties. For example, if stage 3 on easy has a weapon limit of level 1, does it have one of 15 on the same stage on hardest difficulty? Dunno. A limit of level 1 on stage 3 hardest would be hyper tough.
    - The limited weapon and health levels are offset by having more people. The enemies are up-levelled in toughness a tad, but at no time were the 3 of us in severe difficulties.
    - Any weapons earned online or offline may be limited by the impositions placed on an online stage, but having collected loads of weapons, you have a far wider scope of choice than the half-dozen available to you from the off.
    - it's maybe too early to tell, but so far online had been perfectly pitched. Nothing feels too tough, but enough of a challenge to ensure that we really have to think about weapon choice, combos between the three of us, and strategy..
    - You only have to play through online once and offline once to unlock all the levels. Then you can access all difficulties therein. I'm pretty sure my progress on easy online transfers to my overall progress on easy (whether online or offline), as far as completion percentage goes.
    - As far as I understand you only have to level up your class once? Online and offline - you build up armour and weapons. Online, the number you have access to is limited, but you're continuing to strengthen your character in the background.

    Hope this helps. I appreciate I've given an incomplete picture, but all the guys I've played with so far have found it to be fine and logical.

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    Damn you prinny...I only started playing edf games cuz of posts like this.

    Now you have me planning a way to take back the 360 I gave my a game I already hammered on ps3 and start sucking the Xbox golden paywall cock all over again.

    Can't you just shut up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Hope this helps.
    It does, thanks! I guess it's not as bad as I had pictured it.

    I'll have to play the game to understand the whole thing better. Hopefully, my copy will arrive on Monday and I can join you guys on the fray.

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    Great review Prinny. This is everything I wanted in an EDF sequel. only up to mission 19, plus I can't go online, but already loving every moment. Graphics and effects are now closer to Sandlot's Wii game Zangeki no Reginleiv - the explosions in particular, and of course the destructible body parts. The 5.1 sound is as boisterous as ever, and finally no need to save manually. Great stuff.

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    Thanks, men.

    I've clocked over 16 hours on this now and I'm on level 77 or 78 - I can't remember. All progress on easy difficulty, online, with VP, Zaki and Fatty Boy.

    It's just been great moment after great moment. Epic new enemies, and Zaki taking the role of kamikaze nutcase/item mopper-up-erer with his Wing Diver. VP unleashing focused carnage with his Lysander while I gib dozens of spiddas with my rockets. I love the way the buildings go. Some shatter like a pi?ata, others crumble as a whole. Others have a chunk blasted out precisely where you hit them. Precisely. Then the rest of the building follows. I kept testing this and it consistently proved to be the case. Also, with a high powered rifle, the lorries blast apart and skid away like a chunk of ice shattering on a frozen pond. Brilliant.

    Great bits today included a temporary moment of non-comms due to me not being on the headset, and falling into a big valley. I pottered around taking out stragglers and picking up items. I noticed VP on the radar, out of sight, up the top of a mountain. Many red dots were around him, but he's a good soldier and had good weapons. I couldn't be arsed to climb the mountain and work my way round so I just left him to it. Ten minutes later I'm still waiting, and red dots are still a-plenty. I send him a few grumbling messages through the (admittedly good) in-game text chat. It's a good feature - plenty of options on the d-pad and you can still play in the background. I digress. I sent him more cusses. Eventually I started to get annoyed and work my way up the mountain. Ah, mission complete. Only when I got into the lobby did he inform me of the reality. He was having to take down a massive boss enemy single-handedly, all while I pissed around in a valley on my own. Oops.

    Another great bit was a boss mission where Zaki seemed audibly moved by how awesome an enemy design was.

    My favourite moment of the day, though, was a mission involving a big battle mech. VP piloted it across the rugged landscape, while I manned the Buster Cannon and blasted the **** out of bosses and nests. It was superb - very overpowered and satisfying. Zaki mopped up ants scuttling around the chassis out of my firing line and collected the spoils of war. The mech boasted another two man-able weapons. I bet it would be a formidable chaos beast of f-off death when fully loaded with men possessing itchy trigger fingers. At one point VP nipped out of the pilot's seat and manned the other Buster cannon. We blasted a queen ant to buggery within seconds, shot after rapid shot raining down on the sod.

    I'm a bit confused about online and offline class progress but at the moment we're just trying to get all levels unlocked online. Also, Juans and VP were suggesting that armour level and weapons were tinkerable to some extent once certain conditions were unlocked? Unless I'd heard that wrong?

    Nevertheless, it's just awesome all round. Amazon refunded me ?4.99 after adjusting the price on launch day. Best 30 notes I've ever spent.

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    Thanks Prinny. Excellent updates. Can't wait to get involved. Still crying that LameStop stiffed me.

    I was watching some gameplay videos and even with my tear-blurred vision, I was astonished at the details of the city.

    A lot of love has been given for the GTAV city, but this seems just as detailed but the whole flippin' thing is destructible too!

    Saying it's just a 2017 update does a disservice to the effort D3 have put in with the extra physics, enemies, classes, weapons and online co-op.

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    I reached the final chapter of Gears of War 3 on Saturday morning; I stopped playing that the moment this dropped through the letter box. Nice long 16 hour weekend session. This game is huge (bigger than Prinny's manhood).

    4 classes, 5 difficulty settings and 94 levels (85 offline + 9 exclusive online) - You will not be finishing this game anytime soon. At ?30 it?s a steal.

    This no longer feels like a budget title - The menus are slick and the graphics are very nice. I've heard complaints about frame rates, but there is so much going on at all times! - Hundreds of enemies on screen, huge destructible cities and even the dropped items are 3D models now. This is a technical miracle (even with the odd frame drop here and there ? certainly not 10 fps Goldeneye N64 action).

    Multiplayer: This is where EDF shines ? in 2017, I spent most of my time playing split screen co-op. I always wished there was a way of playing online. Well, it?s here now and it?s fantastic!

    Bacon sarnies, custard slices and dancing on ice aside, Prinny and Pebble know their EDF ? going in as a wing diver class isn?t particularly easy and I was revived half a dozen times by these chaps. I couldn?t ask for finer soldiers to fight with! Not sure what?s funnier, the in game chatter or these 2 gents.

    Best moment so far is seeing VP leave his controller and almost surviving the entire level ? then being grabbed and flown away by a certain ?flying monster?.

    Haven?t been online with any randoms yet ? I don?t think I will have to. I?ve sent the following links to 10 friends over the weekend:

    It?s not often that I think about a game when I?m not playing it. This is one of those titles ? bug killing dreams and everything. Unhealthy? Probably. Goodbye life, hello EDF.


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