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    The Division 2 - PS4 / XboxOne / PC

    Admittedly, I am very late to the party. I totally ignored the first game until a week before this was released as it was 10 on the PS Store. I've been been kicking myself because I am absolutely loving this. There's just so much to do. So much loot, probably too much! I really love the gunplay. I love wading through my loot, testing out new guns. I love putting together armour sets and gaining buffs as a reward for doing so.

    Washington DC looks amazing. Concrete, but overgrown with greenery. A bit like I Am Legend's world. I look forward to logging in and playing more everyday when sitting at work or parenthood lol. Whether on my own, exploring the city or with a friend working our way through one of the many cool mission locations. It's fun, challenging and very rewarding. Each main/side mission gun fight takes place in a uniquely designed map which is usually found through gates to a complex or a broken window of a building. From malls, museums (fight through a Vietnam warzone!), apartments, underground car parks, memorials, docks to abandoned train yards, underground train stations, fairgrounds, and so on. I keep looking forward to where the game puts you in your next gun fight!

    At the moment, I'm level 28 in the game. Once you get to level 30, you enter the end game content. From what I understand this is the meat and potatoes of the game. Even more gear! Loads more to do and I haven't even entered the Dark Zones where PVP occurs!

    This is actually the first time I've pre-ordered a year pass for game. It's had that much of an effect on me.

    If you like third person cover shooters in an open world, loot and RPG style stats through character building, I highly recommend this.

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    Didn't think I'd connect with The Division 2 like I did with the first game. DC looked bland compared to wintry Manhattan. But that's an insult to a game that does so many things right, it doesn't really matter what the setting is. Okay, within reason

    Like the first game you get a real sense of place and occasion. The streets feel just right. Moments can be tightly scripted or completely random. The cover-to-cover gameplay is great fun as ever, especially with a team of chums. It's fun solo, fun with friends, fun with randoms ... I haven't had one negative experience ... even when a random co-explorer went rogue on me in the Dark Zone, well, that's just the game, and that's what can happen in the DZ, it should never feel safe. I love how the new-style settlements develop in this game, and friendly outposts on the streets feel like they give back what you put in.

    But the best thing I can say is it's the hardest game to turn off. There's so much to do; always something pulling you in a different direction, a new event, something new to craft, someone to save, something to collect, something to make you tougher, etc, etc, etc.

    Love this game.

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    Best game of this generation.. oh and the music is incredible too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    oh and the music is incredible too
    Incredible, yes.

    I’ve been playing this almost constantly for a week. I’m up to GS 510, and I’m the top player in my clan. I’ve kinda run out of things to do though. Two of the hunter masks didn’t drop for me and I’ve got 7/8 Ivory Keys. I do the daily stuff and then pretty much farm for the Sweet Dreams exotic. It took me four days to get Merciless, but I got two in a row. I need to get another Chatterbox too, but the chests aren’t giving me the parts.

    I like it it a lot more than the original game. The mods being streamlined is a good thing.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Thanks for the help last night, dude. My team of randoms had just failed that last section and one decided to leave as we were about to retry. You were our saviour

    Love the battles.

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    No worries man. I took out the boss in almost one clip. Playing in a lower World Tier is insane fun.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Erm, Mr Karateeeee? How does we gets a gear score of over the 500?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Erm, Mr Karateeeee? How does we gets a gear score of over the 500?
    You have to re-calibrate. You only want to do it to 500 stuff though as that is the only stuff that can reach 515. 515 is the highest you can get up to, but a full set of 514/515 or a mixture of the two will give you the max GS of 510. You can't raise the GS of weapons yet though, so don't open the Ivory Key chest until you are 500+ or it'll drop the weapon at 499.

    The process is very expensive and time-consuming though. Don't expect to do it in one sitting as you'll need to farm Electronics too.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Progress is slow because time is limited but just about to hit Lvl7 missions now. It's incredibly samey and when I put it on it feels like a bit of an effort because of that but after about 15mins I find myself getting very engrossed by it.

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    I know what you mean. But once, you get doing something, you get into it again. SHD tech searching is fun.


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