SO itís finally here, I can finally raise a falcon and put a hat on it, just look at that wee face.

This game is from the devs that brought you Wayward Sky and Dino Frontier both on PS4 PSVR.

Falcon Age is £15.99, from what I have heard is about 5-6 hour long in story mode but this does depend on how many times you look at your falcon and dress it up in hats and jackets. So for me this will be about a 20 hour game.

The game starts on a dying colony planet with its culture destroyed, resources depleted, and turned into a desert by machine invaders. Araís been wrongfully thrown in jail for a minor infraction. While she awaits her fate in a lonely cell, she passes the time by befriending a young falcon. Together they escape and set off on an adventure to help the resistance reclaim their freedom and drive off the invaders.

I played about an hour of this last night and was just about to start on the main opening story quest, game is PS4 playable with dual shock and PSVR compatible with move controllers, Iím playing VR and Move. Iím using the teleport options and preset turns via buttons, I believe you can turn that off and have a button to walk and head turns to move in walking direction.

There appears two different modes of play as well.

Story Mode with combat.
Imprint Mode with optional combat.

In imprint mode enemies do not see you or your falcon but you can choose to attack if you wish, making combat purely optional.

Iím really enjoying what I have played so far, it seems to have a decent mixture of everything. Iíve only just unlocked cooking and Iíve set off on the main story opening level, totally loving the falcon interactions as well.