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    Prominence Poker (PS4, XB1, PC)

    I love poker and in my youth played regularly, sometimes for a little money to spice it up. This free game has been out for a few years now but it's really good and, if you're a poker fan, is deserving of your time and attention. Somehow it's very easy to get simple games wrong (I've lost count of the number of bad chess, poker and backgammon plays I've played) but Prominence Poker really nails the fundamentals of the game.

    There's a seasonal ranking system where, through online 6-player tournament play, you try to work your way up the leagues and at the end of each season (which lasts 30 days) you will receive rewards depending on your league position. A big problem with online poker games is the frequency of players going all-in every hand because the chips are so easily gotten, but not so here, if you play well, you'll make chips, if you don't then you won't, and that, along with the league system, encourages players to play properly. The game also has daily challenges and an unranked mode where friends can play together for fun and not worry about league position but the all in every hand tends to happen much more there.

    It also has a very good character creation system, with a ton of clothes and table items which can be bought and some can only be won which helps create a sense of individualism in the players you meet at the table.

    Basically, it's a really good poker game with a massive online player base and it's free.

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