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    I've seen them hitting dropships rightly enough but a group of them firing away gets one shot in around twenty or so and probably not with a super weapon so you'd probably be waiting a few hours for them to get the job done!

    Therefore getting them to do the job for you in a critical situation might be stretching it a bit.

    Taking control of a group of Fencer's then running away from them (as they are really slow) whilst they become a target but then helping them from afar can reap good rewards as with one of the later levels on EDF5 (the best farming level for Inferno weapons) where you have a group of Fencer's, Ranger's and Wing Diver's I leave the Wing Diver's to fend for themselves but take the other two groups to pick of the attacking enemies as they home in on the ladies.

    Love the game, it's wonderful tactical bliss.

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    Finished this on split screen last night.

    There’s some decent later levels, with a few that could be called a ‘set piece’ I guess.


    Some of the visuals are so last-gen. various reviews are heralding this as the best-looking EDF. I don’t think it is. It depends what your parameters are. There’s some pleasant incidental effects, but the art direction is nowhere near as good. The tiny maps don’t allow it to be frantic and epic. Some of the visuals of the machinery and landscapes don’t look kitsch and cheesy. They just look naff.

    The toughness comes from the cramped areas, weapons that mix the chod with the good (so there’s always a drawback), enemy armour and piss-weak health of your character. Even a 3000 character can get mullered on easy off a few shots from a mantis.

    Structurally, it’s not as good as IA. It doesn’t feel cohesive.

    The PA system and weapon universality continues to be the best thing about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Structurally, it’s not as good as IA.
    Ouch, that's damning! I've 1000/1000'ed Insect Armageddon but, when I look back on it, it's hard to find much to like about it. It was free with Games with Gold and I didn't bother to claim it.

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    I think I look back on it with more fondness than I realised.

    I came to like the way you gradually worked your way into a city, with checkpoints along the way.

    IR is more like the main series, but the missions are very brief. The areas are tiny and there’s a lack of unity holding it together. Like I say, it comes across as naff rather than cheesy.
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    Yes, I’ve enjoyed Iron Rain. It’s not a full price game, but the change of pace/scenery is refreshing.

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    Pebbles: your one-stop shop for in-depth analysis and opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Finished this on split screen last night.
    Thanks for the summary Mr P, it was probably never meant to compare with EDF mainline but people will make the comparisons anyway - I would.

    Fairly sure I will still get this but probably not until a reduction and I'll get it on disk as well.

    I'm still playing nothing else but EDF5 and enjoying it, loads of mileage in trying to finish as many levels as possible on Inferno and even Hardest.

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    Yeah. Get it cheaper. It’s not a full price game. If it wasn’t EDF I’d feel hoodwinked.

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