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    Quote Originally Posted by arcnas View Post
    I want this but I’m only on mission 30 on EDF 5 , and after reading a bit I’m waiting for it go half price unless I finish EDF 5 sometime soon.
    Remember: You only 'finish' EDF when you've 100%'ed Inferno, and no that won't be soon.

    Thanks for the thoughts PS.

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    Your name is Dwad.

    You have two choices:

    • Play EDF.
    • Work on the car in the chilly weather.

    What do you do?

    Dwad did the second one. Dwad knows that I grab precious gaming time when I can, due to circumstances. Dwad said he’d take his phone so that, should a window of EDF opportunity crop up, he’d get the message, pack up, and dash in.

    Dwad got a message at 4.32. Dwad ignored it. Dwad lumbered his sorry fat ass in at 5.30. Dwad then went to trough his made-for-him tea like a 12 year old. Dwad didn’t appear online until about half 6, pie juices stuck to his sweaty chin, then proceeded to boot up PES2018.

    Dwad is the reason I had to replay old missions on hard and hardest difficulty.

    I got some B class weapons.

    Thank you Dwad.

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    Some great missions this morning.

    One had a city level absolutely swarming with big robot enemies, and these huge metal scorpions. No idea how we survived that. The latest wheeze is these huge poles that seem to act as an offensive shield. You have to avoid them at all costs, or you get ragged.

    The last mission we did was excellent. A HUGE kaiju charged up by a floating ufo. Choosing the correct weapons is very important!

    The one thing that doesn’t seem to be getting better is the sparsity of enemies. At most, you’ll get 25 on screen at once. That’s an EDF standard!

    Nevertheless, it’s becoming more and more enjoyable. I recommend it, as long as you’re willing to stick with it and deal with it on its own terms.

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    Ok, so unless my eyes totally deceived me (which is highly possible) the giant metal scorpions ARE the starting robots. They do a transformer type thing. A C class grenade launcher made quick work of them on easy.

    I can’t forgive the constant domino knockdowns. That’s a poor design decision.
    I can’t forgive the tiny play areas.
    I can’t forgive the lack of enemies.

    But I am starting to accept it for what it is. It’s a highly enjoyable blast with some great moments, and now the classes and weapons are opening up, it’s carving it’s on niche. That mission on EDF5 with the massive field FULL of walkers, UFOs and ants, where you can see hundreds of enemies for miles - that’s never going to happen here. This has other qualities.

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    Hoping to jump on this for a bit later, but found myself missing it today. That tells its own story.

    One thing I have noticed, that I suppose makes sense, is that the weapons sound meatier. They’re still not chunky enough, but they are better. The C class grenade launcher doesn’t have much of a dumpf sound, has no distance, and a ludicrous arc, but it’s quite satisfying when the explosions kick off.

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    Just two missions managed this morning before someone kicked off and I had to abandon.

    I replayed a night mission against ants, scorpions and spiders. While the visuals may not be top tier, there’s some carefully dramatic effects at work. The only lights on the mission cast an eerie haze in the middle distance. The image of spiders performing those huge leaps en masse, purely as silhouettes, edging ever closer, was highly atmospheric.

    My new grenade launcher (C class) does the bizzo on these easier settings. I tried the two missions as a wing diver guy and, while he’s quite slow, his movement is fluid.

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    Today’s efforts were sullied by the completion of a level in co-op, which failed to register after the network booted me out.

    Shame, because there were some manic moments. A couple of new enemies - a new type of kaiju and some organic bug thing. Both are great. My C class grenade me do is really doing the bizzo at the middle distance. My health is now up to 3400. I really like the PA gear system. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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    Played a single player game this morning and completely BOLLOCKSED up my weapon loadout. I selected a rifle and a grenade launcher. I failed to remember that, after the initial wave of dormant robot knacking, dropships appeared and dropped endless new robots.

    I flew around like a madman trying to stay alive, with about 30 robots on the map, wondering how on Earth I was going to get through the mission. Fly as high as I could when the ships were open to empty a rifle clip inside them? It didn’t seem particularly feasible. Indeed, it wasn’t. I tried it twice and just got blasted out of the sky by the robots below.

    Buildings collapsing everywhere, with explosions and gettings arl owa, I thought about quitting to select better weapons. Then, I noticed the robots thinning slightly. My ground force CPU allies must be pegging them back. Nice. Maybe I could have another run at a dropship drive-by?

    Wait. What? On the radar, one of the dropship blips was replaced by a scattering of green. What the hell?

    It was then that I realised that my CPU controlled cannon fodder distractions were, in fact, taking out the dropship with the weapons that I so sorely lacked.

    Tremendous! I passed the missions simply by surviving, while other troops did something more useful. This is a nice touch. Traditionally, EDF computer controlled allies are absolute pissflaps. Here, though, they actually bailed me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Tremendous! I passed the missions simply by surviving, while other troops did something more useful. This is a nice touch. Traditionally, EDF computer controlled allies are absolute pissflaps. Here, though, they actually bailed me out.
    That's good, in EDF5 they are a big step up as well particularly when you keep them healthy, you can run around and pick up all the drops while they finish off the level for you.

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    Yes I’ve noticed that too. Great stuff. I can’t recall them being so critical to a major mission completion condition, though? They tend to mop up stragglers, but taking out dropships when I’m unable to? I might be wrong.


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