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Thread: Tomb Raider II

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    Tomb Raider II

    Word is that somehow a direct sequel to last years Tomb Raider reboot movie is in the works and Alicia Vikander is already lined up to return

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    Did a single person watch the last one?

    By which I mean one person rather than someone who doesn’t have a partner.

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    I watched 20 minutes of it on Netflix. Utter ****e.

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    Must have been released in China and made a few bob there. Maybe the sequel will be exclusive to streaming services and require micro transactions to see the best bits?

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    It was bobbins. No idea why I watched it again. I've seen worse though.

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    I watched it on a plane. It was a new low even for the Tomb Raider franchise.

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    Had a check and it made $274m against a $94m budget so if they aim to dial the action and keep the budget down there's room for money to be made


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