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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    Yes, avoiding customs would be nice; but everyone else that’s ordered one has had to run the gauntlet so why shouldn’t the OP? It’s a bit cheeky really…

    Tell you what, I’ll sell you mine for £250, including shipping. That also covers customs fees and moron tax.
    Any more personal slingshots like that and you'll be taking a short break from the forum. Make your thoughts known without resorting to insults please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve morris View Post

    Im not trying to avoid any customs charges. Just fancy one and its my birthday next week, so I would have liked one before then, that’s all.

    But hey, thanks for your valuable input.

    When I ordered mine from Analogue, it took exactly 1 week to get to me, ordered the Japan version as well.
    So it shouldn’t take long to get to you if you ordered direct

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    It’s nearly three weeks since I ordered my SG (Euro model) and no sign of it yet.

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    In fairness to the op, it's these inconsistencies and stories of poor customer service that would put me off buying direct too.

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    Please keep chatter out of the sale threads.

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    Thanks for the input doodledude/CMcK/Atticus. I’ll put in an order directly I think.


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