Despite having eleventy billion games to choose from I fancied something new. I had a browse through the Easter sale on the Xbox store and came across a game I’d not heard of before: Hover. Seems to look sort of like Mirror’s Edge and Jet Set Radio had a baby. So I hit the duckduckgo mobile and did some exploring.

Whilst doing so I stumbled across which is a digital key download site. Seemed legit so thought though I’d take a punt. Ordered Hover and a hidden object/puzzle game. Paid with PayPal.

Had an order confirmation email straight away stating that order would be processed once payment confirmed. Not long after I received an email confirming order had been placed. However, the email only had a code for the hidden object game.

I emailed the site explaining this. They replied within a few minutes saying they would look at the order. A few minutes after that they sent me the missing code. Seem very friendly. Based in Sweden I think.

Will use again. Hope it might be of use to some of you lot.