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    [SOLD] Sony RX100 Mark I for sale (mint)

    Have too much photographic equipment so I'll slowly start listing various items for sale. I know this is probably not the forum to do so, but I thought I'd give fellow forum members a chance first:

    Sony RX100 Mark I (PAL) for sale. Mint condition. Not a single scratch/scuff. Bought new in 2013/2014 (can't remember). Had zero issues. Had an official Sony screen protector which is also unscratched.

    Comes boxed with all accessories. Always used a case for it but I will be keeping the case.

    Also comes with the official Sony VFA-49R1 filter adapter.

    130 shipped in the UK. Pics here -->

    Take note that the weird "watery" mark in the middle of the screen are just air bubbles that developed over time between the LCD and the screen protector. You can barely see them when the camera is powered on. If you want you can remove the screen protector and re-apply it but it never bothered me.

    It's this item here -->
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    Tentatively interested, PM on the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuteros View Post
    Tentatively interested, PM on the way.
    If you can’t work something out let me know @DaytimeDreamer I’m interested


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    Pics added. If you see any small tiny marks it's dust.

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