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    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End inc Beta review

    Figured might as well star this given the beta for UC4 is live and it saves ultimately having two threads given the lack of difference there's likely to be come release date between the multiplayer modes.

    I've done the tutorial and one or two games and a couple of things immediately strike me:

    1-The controls of the characters feels a bit lighter than in the previous games, but more in a responsiveness manner rather than them having less weight to them. Broadly the characters seem to control the same as in the past only with L1 now being assigned to a grappling rope for covering small gaps in the terrain.

    2-The visuals are very good and though restricted somewhat by the mode, dare I say it, not super impressive? There's a lot to like and it's probably testament to how good the first three games looked but there isn't really anything in the multiplayer that suggests a big leap on this front. Chances are high that the real eye candy is in the single player however so it's not a big concern.

    3-The design of the multiplayer seems to be iteration rather than revolution. The maps remain pretty simple and small scale, the grappling rope seems to be the only real alteration and it doesn't seem to add anything to the gameplay. You can unlock in match perks using your UC money but I'd be lying if I said they currently felt balanced.

    So far it does feel solid and plays well but it does seem very reserved given this is supposed to ND's last entry in the franchise.

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    You can hold L1 to wind up the grapple hook. Once it's fully charged, you can 1-shot KO someone with the melee button. Thought that was pretty cool, but maybe a bit too strong at the moment because noone seems to be aware of it lol. I hope they add modes without the power ups and instant spawn NPC allies.

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    I'm pushing through this on replay at the moment after having picked my way through UC1-3 and I'm finding the experience quite confirming.

    The game still looks gorgeous even though it lacks quite the same visual style as the games before it but I'm definitely quite happy to die on the hill that declares UC4 the weakest of the four main entries. The game takes an ice age to get its pointless tutorials and the gunplay is worse than preceeding entries, it's all loosey goosey here making the criticism of UC3 feel redundant. Technically it comes together enough but unlike the other three this one quickly becomes a chore to play about half way through which still feels bizarre.

    It's still fine enough but for me it still reeks of being heavily compromised by all the behind the scenes stuff that went on. Hell, even Nate/Nolan comes across like his heart isn't in it

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    I absolutely loved 4, you've reminded me I need to go back to it and mop up some trophies, I've platinumed every one so far so need to finish this bad boy off. I find mucking around some of the levels great fun. Some of the bits in my crushing run were a nightmare though!

    That bloody swordfight GRRRR


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