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    PAXO or cheaper DualShock 4 controller replacement battery?

    My launch Wave Blue DualShock 4's battery is starting to give up. To be fair it has done well to get this far, although that might be a comment on the fact that I was more of a PC gamer for large parts of this generation. However recently I've noticed that the battery will lose it's charge after a day or two of no use. Although in use it seems to be going for a few hours that I play for.

    Although I have two of the newer V4 Dualshock 4's I mainly use the Wave Blue one and it would be a shame to throw this out. There are loads of options from the £4-5+ price on eBay. Mostly some generic 1000mAh OEM parts.

    However there are also double capacity ones, most notably this 2000mAh branded battery on Amazon:

    Although this is expensive at £17.99 (particularly when I got a DS4 for £29 in the Black Friday sales). They appear to have a website ( and I suspect are probably quite good, but can't find much on them.

    Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts?

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    Don't all rush with answers ;p

    Anyway I took a Punt on one of these today to refresh my original V1 DualShock 4. Only ordered on Weds from Germany and already here.

    I will compile some thoughts once I've had a chance to fit and test. Packaging is nice.

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    Oh, I was just about to say do NOT buy this under any circumstances!


    Let us know how you get on with the swapping and the playing.

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    Initial thoughts on it's first charge are very impressive. I've been playing Metro Redux for the first time (Metro 2033) and have managed to get to chapter 3 and powering up the PS4 now and the DS4 is still on 3 bars. Where as previously that would have needed a charge or been completely flat within 24-48hrs of non use.

    Some of that is just having a new battery but it feels like the double capacity is going to make a massive difference. There is a lovely gesture in the packaging where they are desperately after feedback on their product and ask for detailed feedback on their instructions. They are some of the clearest and best instructions I have ever seen. I will definitely let them know that.

    Either way it feels a nice upgrade. Tempted to get one for one of my newer controllers.

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    How can sage and onion stuffing be used to power a game pad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    How can sage and onion stuffing be used to power a game pad?
    Give this man a google Stadia.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0e Musashi View Post
    Give this man a google Stadia.
    I know it was a poor effort but thatís an excessive punishment I feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    I know it was a poor effort but that’s an excessive punishment I feel.
    You walked right into it friend.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Lol. Powered by stuffing mixture or not the thing hasn't missed a trick. Played Metro 2033 Redux some more and now onto Chapter 5 (all on the first charge on this pad) and it is only now on 2/3 bars.


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