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Thread: Cart or box?

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    I've become increasingly hard-line when it comes to condition. When it comes to CD games I mostly buy sealed these days, which of course I then open. I'm never going to re-sell them, but I want them to be absolutely mint.

    Super Famicom is always more difficult but brand new (not sealed of course, no SFC games ever were) SFC games aren't hard to come by on Yahoo Japan. There's price premium of course, but for things that aren't super rare they're still cheaper than a beaten up copy on eBay. For the higher priced games I'll just scour YJ to find things that look mint. I've been stung a few times, mainly with yellowed carts, but it's mostly been a success.

    For me seeing a cupboard full of pristine boxes is a big part of being into retro games. I have a Mega Everdrive too, but it just isnít the same.

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    Just to exemplify my previous post, Iíve got a mate coming over this weekend and weíre going to have a mammoth gaming session of stuff we used to play back in the day.

    Centurion for Mega Drive - check. Got a boxed version with instructions for £20.

    Super Mario Kart for SNES - check. Got a loose NTSC cart for a tenner. I looked for a boxed version and the only NTSC one in the U.K. was up for £45 in a so-so condition box. So the logic is, is a piece of card and paper manual worth £35 when the bit you can actually play with - ie the game - costs a tenner? Yeah, couldnít justify going for the boxed option at all, no matter how much better it looks on a shelf.


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