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    I remember thinking Last Bronx looked quite amazing when I first saw it in action. It really was great how Sega pushed the hardware further and further each year. I also think it's a really fun game to play.

    I remember liking the aesthetic design of Burning Rangers, but the gameplay felt quite clunky. It was obviously pushing the hardware too far. A Dreamcast version could have been really nice.

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    I felt like I was keeping the Saturn alive on my own in the UK buying nearly all of the last games as they came out, though gutted I missed Deep Fear I even saw it on the shelf in EB ( or was it Game by then? ) and passing it up. Was waiting with baited breath for Virgin's X-Men vs Streetfighter to arrive to no avail.

    Absolutely rinsed Burning Rangers, what a game, even watched the Sega Flash video demo at least 50 times just for the music I don't know if this is a false memory but weren't the layouts of each level changed every time you played it?

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    I’m sure the random-ish levels were unlocked after you completed the game.

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    Given Capcom is stuffing FinalBurn into that huge controller machine to run its games through, what's to stop Sega using a public Saturn emulator to rerelease titles like Burning Rangers or Panzer Dragoon Saga?

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    Clue for 091 - Charting the stability of the ISA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Clue for 091 - Charting the stability of the ISA
    Bonanza Bros.?

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    Every single one of those games should be remade.


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