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Thread: Rage 2

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    First off, the gunplay is great......But just about everything else Isn’t

    Yes it looks great on the pc, but the PS4 pro version is anti aliased within an inch of its life. Blurry, smeared, dull, poor detail, waxy faces - horrible

    I have had the HUD disappearing, upgrades not working, dlc not installing, enemies stuck in the scenery, sound bugs and my vehicle vanishing.

    The towns I have been in a dull and lifeless the dialogue is moronic. I think the more corridor based shooting action of the first was much better - far too much too upgrade, and with the bugs in game, some of it is hard to tell if it’s even working. I came across a hovercraft vehicle and you can’t even use it!

    This seriously needs a resolution patch on console - it looks like an unpatched just cause 4....I would seriously have a field day if I was the team leader of the project with quality control in the board room. These next gen games are getting worse!

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    Watched a few vids of it, seems like ID were responsible for the gun play (which i think is better then doom) and Avalanche were responsible for the open world part and Driving as well as driving combat.

    I was never that big a fan of Just cause series I felt it was big for the sake of being big and the destruction needed to be took up a notch, Mad max though i did enjoy that and can see elements of it in rage 2 though Vehicle combat is nowhere near as good

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    looks promising, i'll wait for the price to drop a little maybe, as usual fans of the 1st one say it's better than the 2nd

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    I'm actually finding it really hard to get into this oddly enough. After several days I find myself falling asleep as I play, part of that is it's late when I get on it but also it's the same encounter over and over again and driving through barren spaces with nothing of worthwhile note in it to get to the same thing gets old very quickly. Gonna give it another few nights in the hope it's just a slack first half but... yeah, for it's time Rage 1 was better.

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    I am going to backtrack - this has really clicked and is amazing fun; If you can get past the slow start and grind, to get to the arks, power ups, weapons and quick vehicles. Yes the console versions technically aren’t great, the game really is It’s doom meets rage 1.

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    Does the open world get more mixed up? Or if not do the locations you get to become more Doom-linear like?
    I'm finding the open world adds nothing so far and the locations are too simplistic, Rage 1 had an open environment but it masked a very linear game and that seemed to work better for the type of game it was

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    Convoys, muti-nests, bandit dens, authority sentry guns, bounties, mini-bosses, find the ranger, arks, power stations, meteor sites, checkpoints and vistas seem to be the open world staple.

    Top tip: get the arks unlocked first as they contain the weapons / special powers. Towns will allow fast travel and there is this gyro copter vehicle that can get you from A to B very quickly. Nothing should be a slog when you have access to this.

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    Will do, I'm going to try and set aside tomorrow night to really dig into it. I really enjoyed the first game so it'd be a shame not to get into this

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    I'm about 8hrs in now and the game is getting alot better now ive unlocked more/better abilities after a bit of a slow start (which was to be expected). The combat is a real joy now I'm not getting shredded to 20% health every time i get shot at and can now be a but more agressive in putting myself into the battle.

    I've read complaints about it not being a very good open world game but in all honesty ive approached it more like a non-linear shooter where you have more freedom to empty out enemy compounds than you would in say Doom or Wolfenstein and I'm happy with that.

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    Done with the game now and it never got above middling for me, I feel there's a better game in there but the open world never won me over. It just never feels like anything other than padding for a game that would be better paced without it.


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