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    The Dark Pictures Anthology

    Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) will launch their episodic multiplatform title Man of Medan on 30 August 2019. The game is the first entry in an anthology series titled The Dark Pictures Anthology - a series of horror games.

    The games will be unconnected bar falling under the DPA banner and will launch on a regular basis, each played in a similar manner as Until Dawn. The game is set to launch on PS4, XBO and PC

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    Fast but slower than I expected comes the second instalment in The Dark Pictures Anthology with the chapter title Little Hope

    Seems we're looking at one chapter per year

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    That trailer is, um, what? I actually think the relevant part at the end played after the credits of Man of Medan anyway.

    I quite enjoyed Man of Medan, but it wasn’t a patch on Until Dawn (which I thought was an absolute blast). Here’s hoping Little Hope is better.

    Did anyone play their VR game? What was that like?

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    A teaser is out for The Dark Pictures Anthology III: House of Ashes, this week the second entry landed over a year from the first so it could be a long wait for the next installment which is the third of eight.

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