I don't have the space anymore for these and nowadays I use my iMac for serious work stuff so even those these are wonderful machines they have to go.

A little history of these machines: I've had many HP Elitebooks in general and I always bought the ones from ebay with the least scuffs overall cause I'm OCD like that.

Both of these have i7 processors (one has a 2670QM and the other a 2820QM if I remember correcty). Each one of these comes with 32GB of 1333mhz DDR3 ram.

Each one of these has a Full HD 1920 X 1080 IPS panel. One of them has the Dreamcolor 10bit panel which is a joy to view


HP Elitebook 8760w non-Dreamcolor panel (Windows 7 Pro machine): There seems to be a row of stuck pixel on the very edge of the screen (3 pixels in diafonal orientation). Either these are stuck or it's a windows 7 display error on the taskbar. I'll take pictures to illustrate this.

HP Elitebook 8760W Dreamcolor panel (Windows 10 Pro machine): The screen is excellent although there seems to be something like dirt in some areas behind the panel.

Even though this is not my pic, it's similar to this --> https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...c8a0fb6481.jpg

If I remember correctly it's on the middle left, only noticeable really on a white background.

Will try and bundle these with a 240gb SSD each.

Prices: 8760W non Dreamcolor panel: 450 shipped.
8760W Dreamcolor panel: 650 shipped.

Will upload pictures over the next couple of days. Happy to answer any questions.