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    Yoshi's Crafted World

    Started this up this morning and I've completed the first four levels of what looks like a five world game.

    Coming off the demo, the action pans out a little differently than was found there. You get the intro which is pretty much exactly the same set up as usual before getting dropped into the first level (the demo level) which is the same as before. It may be my memory misfiring but Yoshi feels a tad bit faster than in the demo, still not speedy but a touch more responsive. When the level ends you move onto the next one, unlike the demo you don't hit a level that spins the camera round to reverse the level until the fourth one in so the game has a very conventional opening.

    Moves and features wise there's not much to say, it's all the same Yoshi tropes as always bar being able to shoot at objects in the background or foreground. The game does look at times very nice, others it's closer to the demo where you feel there's a touch of struggle under the hood. Levels so far as visually diverse enough, I imagine there'll be some nice looking locations as it goes on as the card imagery offers a similar visual sheen as the previous games Yarn theme.

    It's a very, very easy game so far but at the least it makes it easy to enjoy. First impressions are that it'll be decent but not as good as the last game.

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    Surprised you went for it after the demo. In terms of gameplay, is the demo a pretty accurate representation of what the game has to offer or did it do the game a disservice?

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    Eurogamers review swung it though already they seem over glowing. I'd say the demo is very true to the full experience, it's very much cut from the Nintendo Platformers for younger gamers mould - somewhere between Kirby and Mario. I think it helps that it moves you on to new levels most of the time rather than flips the stage and you work in reverse all the time as the demo suggested though as it keeps it bite sized and brisk.

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    I've been sat playing it for the morning so far and enjoying it. Some of the levels are pure evil though! Go-Go Yoshi is doing my head in, you have to hit the stuff on balloons with a charged up punch which reaches further. I've only managed 1 Poochy pup on the flipside too.

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    I'm about halfway through this now and still enjoying it, not entirely sure why but it gives me slight Yoshi's Story vibes

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    Finished the game, enjoyed it but didn't help myself by putting Yoshi's Island on for 10 minutes to rediscover just how much better that game plays.

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    I've not played a proper Yoshi game since the 16-bit days but i fancied a bit of Nintendo happy time. And this is a happy game. Sure, the challenge is increasing but the world makes it a pleasant at all times ... every time I play i feel relaxed and unwound, even when I miss a balloon for the umpteenth time.

    For anyone who grew up with Bagpuss and Fingerbobs there's a real connection to the past. I love trad pixel graphics and everything but this cardboard and sellotape world has so much charm to it


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