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    Lapis x Labyrinth (Switch, PS4)

    This is a gorgeous 2D sidescrolling chibi action RPG where your 4 party members stack on top of each other in a sort of human tower, pooling their combined strength to fight a sea of monsters and collect treasure.

    The character at the bottom of the human tower attacks and you can cycle through all 4 party members with the L button. If a party member gets knocked off or thrown off by you (either to perform an attack or to enable you to jump higher than you normally would) then your attacks become weaker until they rejoin or you collect them.

    I'm not too far into it yet, the game throws a lot of tutorial boxes at you but it all seems simple enough. The visuals are nothing short of eye popping, especially when you activate fever mode.

    You do need to be aware of the timer for each stage; I actually failed the very first quest because I forgot about it and was trying out all of my party member's attacks and combos. It's not instant game over but you do get a giant unkillable enemy chasing you and touching it is instant death. If you can make it to the exit before it does you'll be OK though.

    I'm still feeling out the classes. Right now I have a Hunter, Maid, Witch and Bishop who all feel pretty good I'll be giving the others a shot as well.

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    Have been playing this for the past few days, and I'm having a lot of fun. It's a mindless button masher with some mild exploration elements and the precise controls make it a joy to play. A bit heavy on numbers and item abilities as typical for Nippon Ichi games, but not as much as Disgaea or even The Princess Guide.
    Just reached the third labyrinth.

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    Agreed on it being mindless although you do need to perform well enough to get good ratings at the end of each stage since a better rating gives you better loot.

    I'm playing it in very short bursts atm; it's good for a quick 20 minute session inbetween doing other stuff.


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