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    Metroid: Other M

    First off, it requires a system update to 4.3

    Now about an hour or so in and just basically getting used to switching from 3rd to 1st person. In the words of Borat "It's nice". I have had it spaz out a few times when trying to go back to 3rd person (where it would go briefly in 1st again) once I've moved the Wii remote back to the horizontal position.

    First thing that strikes you is that there's cutscenes ahoy! and a lot of them at the beginning. Mainly briefing you on what happened at the end of Super Metroid and some background exposition into Samus and what she's all about. You know, girl things. It kinda feels like some sort of kids programme in the form of 'Clarissa explains it all' in that she's constantly talking to herself and what emotions she's going through, and what she feels about this particular scenario etc.

    Also some of the dialogue feels like it's lost in translation... "Baby's Cry"
    Kinda reminds me of Ace Combat 6 and their constant abuse of "Fly with the Angels"

    The blend of CGI cutscenes (they do look nice) merging into gameplay is very well done. Especially the run up to the training mode.

    As for regular 3rd person controls. Very responsive. Metroid May Cry, or Metroid Gaiden if you like. Satisfying leaping about and spraying buckshot everywhere.

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    having got this yesterday i've ploughed 4 hours into it now and im really enjoying it. Its actually quite refreshing to have Metroid back like this. Jim is right there are an abundance of cutscenes told in a Dexter style manner whereby Samus explains her emotions in the situation. The CGI Scenes look really really nice, even if their a bit overdone.

    Gameplay wise the game pretty much sticks to the old super metroid formula but the game is much simpler in design and execution. I've found you dont really get stuck but there are some lovely designed progression solutions which are satisfying to uncover. Bosses thus far have actually provided a nice amount challenge too. Flipping the remote between positions is actually pretty intuitive and works quite well, Samus cant move in first person view mode but it actually adds to the strategy when using it in combat.

    My biggest issue is the Wii remotes D-Pad its tiny and makes my thumb hurt after prolonged use, i'd have preferred analogue movement too as the game isnt as 2D as your lead to believe.

    Overall though so far its been engaging and fun whilst being easy to pick up and play. Graphics could be better even for Wii standard im sure, but it would be harsh to dismiss it for that.

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    I thought the explosion knocking out samus's weapons/abilities in metroid prime was bad...

    "Samus has decided not to use missles or bombs until Adam authorises it"

    liking it so far, only 15 minutes in but the controls work well, the dpad for 3D movement isnt ideal but it works well enough.

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    First and foremost, It's purely an action game.
    So for those that loved the scanning/ lore/ minute details of what the Chozo's had for tea. You will be disappointed, as scanning merely tells you what said item is (e.g. missile tank/ energy tank) but there's no extra curricular use of scanning in terms of finding out that this particular beastie died of photon shots, or expanding your Metroid encyclopedia etc.
    In some ways I miss that.

    Stage structure is fairly simple with very little in terms of going off the beaten path for missile upgrades and the like, since on your mini-map it marks out the general direction of where the extra is.

    I did have a lol moment when you entered the

    Lava section

    and then your commanding officer then tells you to

    switch on your Varia suit abilities to protect against the heat, and reduce damage taken

    and this comes when you're about 3/4 into that section. "Cheers Adam! It would've been awfully nice if you told me that before I made headway into that part!"
    It's a convoluted way for Samus to get back her abilities I suppose, rather than the usual - Samus gets hit by some megaton hit, and thus shatters her suit skills around the ship for you to grab again.

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    How does it compare to the Prime games? It all *sounds* like a dumbed down experience from what I've seen and heard so far and I'm not sure I want that.

  6. #6
    Definitely very streamlined in terms of story delivery (most of which is done via cutscenes) so you wont be scanning computer screens or wall murals to get background information, like the Prime series.

    Oh and power-ups to your arsenal is handled in the same way like Fusion (I think) where they're all combined (for those that didn't realise this before) so once you have the Charge Beam and then collecting the

    Ice Beam

    , you wont be able to switch between the two.

    I did like the Prime games a lot and I do enjoy Other M, just don't expect it to topple Prime in terms of atmosphere. It's primarily Team Ninja-esque combat based, and I'm cool with that.

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    About 6 hours in and I'm loving it so far. The first couple of hours had me worried about environment variety and bosses but I've hit some vastlty different areas now and had a couple of screen fillers so I'm happy Cutscenes have so far been excellent (compared to the usual Nintendo fare at least!) and the quality of FMV has been surprisingly good. I was expecting 360 FFXIII-style compression but it's all very clean. The controls work well after a little getting used to and have proved far less of an issue than I feared. Visually it's rather nice too, improving as I'm progressing infact after the fairly drab looking opening hour or so.

    If I had one complaint it would be about the general lack of music. What there is I like but there's not enough of it with the game using ambient sounds over tunes. The Prime games and Super Metroid contained some of my favourite ever game soundtracks so it's hard not to be let down in this respect but it's not a game breaker by any means

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    teddymeow's Avatar
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    Wow, this is cool! Loving the viewpoint and switching to 1st person.

    Only played about an hour so far so lots of cutscenes.

    Anyone else think

    James Pierce (one of the marines) looks like David Beckham?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    Anyone else think

    James Pierce (one of the marines) looks like David Beckham?

    Good to know I wasn't the only one

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    Got this today. Will try it in a bit.

    Can someone tell me if the old back tracking with new weapons and discovering secrets through looking at the map for line gaps are in?


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