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    Games leaving Game Pass in Sept 2019

    Inner Space
    Manual Samuel
    Skyforce Reloaded
    Garou Mow
    A World of Keflings
    A Kingdom for Keflings
    Alien Homid HD
    Battleblock Theater

    More August things

    Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut (Xbox One / PC) - August 27th
    Blair Witch (Xbox One / PC) - August 30th

    Arriving in September

    Dead Cells (Xbox One / PC) - September 5th
    Gears 5 early access - September 5th
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    IS the Gears 5 early access part of the game like multiplayer or the full thing?

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    It’s the full game and already up to pre load, 57gb.
    The ultimate edition (early access) is only available via game pass ultimate though.

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    That's excellent news
    I've been racking up Bing points for a while now and have enough to claim 1 months Game Pass (almost enough for a second month too) so I know what I'll be preloading shortly (definitely interested in checking out Blair Witch too)

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    Oh wow. Dead Cells. That's great. I'll deffo give Gears 5 a bash too, although I'll be honest, I'm not that impressed by what I've seen of it so far.

    Really looking forward to trying Blair Witch too.

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    Quick question, what happens if a game goes off Game Pass but you have it installed? Can you still play it until you delete?

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    You no longer have a licence for it and it doesn't run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyG View Post
    You no longer have a licence for it and it doesn't run.
    Thanks for clarifying

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    Dirt 2.0, blood stained ritual, jump force and more heading to Game Pass
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