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    PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 mini

    Konami have announced the inevitable PC Engine mini…

    The games announced so far are:

    • R-Type
    • New Adventure Island
    • Ninja Spirit
    • Ys Book I & II
    • Dungeon Explorer
    • Alien Crush
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    Konami? Why Konami? I know they bought Hudson but wasn't the PC Engine mainly NEC?

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    I'd say Konami is paying royalties to NEC, which aren't interested in the gaming market anymore.

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    Well thats another wish granted.


    Please dont be like the ps classic Please dont be like the ps classic Please dont be like the ps classic.

    Just realised this is going to be interesting to see if it's released in europe, not exactly like it's even known over here unless you imported.
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    Is this genuine? That video looks as if it’s just been mocked up by some random. If it’s for real, I’ll of course be all over it.

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    Its from Konamis YouTube channel so I doubt it’s fake.

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    In that case gimme, gimme, gimme!

    i want an IFU-30 version as well..........

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    Yes, we’re getting the Core Grafx version. Which is odd as the PAL PC Engines that have shown up over the years used a TG-16 case in a slightly lighter grey and missing the ‘-16’ from the logo.

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    how can you you make that console any more mini?


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