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    Yeah £2.70 delivered it's rude not to my R-type I arruved today thrilled tbh
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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Part of the fun is the extra things you can do to them to pimp them out, hell my famicom mini has pad protectors installed, extra decals on the top for power & reset and a damn disk system sat underneath lol. Sadly i don't think the pce is gonna get that kind of merch treatment. Outside the small pile of carry cases for it i haven't seen anything else. Even the MD got the tower o power hehe.

    And yes the pce looks terribly naked without a hucard in it.
    How phenomenal would a CD-Rom add on look for it though, tower of power style? They might as well just ask for my bank card if they made one.

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    I want this. I'm gonna get my mate to get it for me and give him the do$h (I don't do online purchasing).

    Best/cheapest/best-n'-cheapest version to order? And will I get all the Konami Gradius stuff or do certain games get omitted?

    Apparently the Turbografx vers has rapid fire but the case is MASSIVE and looks fucn awful. I had white PCE back about 30yrs back. I'm a sad old Qantas. Qant. Mary Quant. Mary Quant's Foaming Qant.

    (good name for a band?)

    Anyhoo, I'd take the Turbografx version if it had the optimum potential.

    Let us know. I'm fukkd.

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    Original PCE all the way, bud. If you want auto fire then get an 8bitdo pad for auto firing goodness without being tethered to the unit.

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    Thanks for the link to the Etsy seller. Iíve ordered:

    Soldier Blade (Jp)
    Sonic 2 (Jp cart)
    Super Metroid

    So all my minis are catered for.


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