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I assumed Jaz did it in Mean Machines too, but it predated MM' publication, but there were tips in issue 0.

It's okay. it's inconsequential information to retain from 30 (*gulp*) years ago.
It's not like they're going to ask that question on Eggheads.

I know that Julian Rignall loved shoot 'em ups though. I have a strong feeling he was a fan of Gunhed, so that's why I thought he did the review. I met him at a computer show in the early-90s -- was a very friendly guy.

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Playing old consoles that I never had access to back in the day does nothing for me I discovered but I will play Amiga games all day long
I'm the opposite. I love exploring machines that I didn't have access to as a kid/teen. I also get a kick out of reading stuff about computers and consoles that I wasn't heavily into, such as the ColecoVision, ZX Spectrum and C64. I have a crazy appetite for retro stuff. I've had a great time exploring the Atari 2600 library, after buying the machine a few years ago. I only had vague memories of playing a few 2600 games as a kid, but I really got a kick out of discovering which games are worth playing. So much so that I had the machine modded for RGB.